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An afternoon of eating/drinking & trying to hit a ball for miles with a wooden bat.

Notes from Members

  • Zehnderboy says: Date cleared in diary, looking forward to having some fun - any chance of organising mini races for the kids and/or big kids too?
  • Naomi P says: Does rounders get easier the more you drink?
  • ogee says: I am now drinking again, so will laugh even louder than last year. It'll be ace.
  • Excitabubble says: Yipee I do like a good social, this will be so much fun :-)
  • Stumpy says: i am also shit at rounders. but good at eating and drinking.
  • MissChappo says: I am quite good at rounders but not when I do drinking. Me drinking and rounders = ridiculousness.
  • PaulaMc says: My inability to play rounders (or anything else involving balls/bats) is quite phenomenal. I can, however, eat sandwiches for England, and I'm not bad at rounding up small children
  • superflyguy says: I once played rounders for my school and hit a home run you lot better field quite deep I am gonna go long :)
  • Magpie Rob says: Sounds fun :)
  • Southcoastpete says: Can do catching and hitting, though a bit lacking in the throwing department
  • Lalli says: I am carp at rounders but my kids and husband can do the hitty bit for me! I'll drink cider! :-)
  • John66 says: Bring it on!
  • Iron_Mum says: I too am crap rounders but sadly also v. competitive. Crap and competitive - really bad combination. I am however VERY good at picnicking,
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