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Group: Do Garmins hinder performance???

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This might be a silly question, but I wanted to ask peep's thoughts on the lovely device that I have relied on/ worshipped and also cannot live without.

My Garmin (aka Gary) died on me last sat, the screen frozen and wouldn't work. I panicked thinking how would I be able to survive without it, but ended up running my 11 miles anyway that morning (after using google map).

The thing is, I ran with ease, at a quicker pace and really enjoyed myself. Apart from the stopwatch, I didn't have any way of knowing my speed, distance to go, HR or any of the other fussy things I rely on.

Gary has now come to life somehow and I used him today but covered it with my sleave. AGAIN, another relaxing run and I was 4mins quicker on a recovery run, by getting into rhythm with my body and not constantly looking at my left wrist.

Do I rely too much on Gary? Should I chill out and enjoy running rather than putting pressure to take secs/ mins off each run?? Any thoughts would be appreciated, cheers :-)
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