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  • phal says: you had a blinding start to the season BS :o) well done you :o)
  • glyn says: 4th race of the season only another 8 to go, after yesterdays race in heaton park manchester 120 out of 170 i feel great (and tired) WE CAN DO IT FELLO WARRIORS
  • wizlyn says: another x-country newbie, but loving it so far...
  • Lowbo says: XC is brilliant - crap weather, mud, streams, hills... the season goes too quickly!
  • Tiger says: I am not very fast at XC, but find it very liberating!
  • Hills of Death (HOD) says: I like it but I'm crap at it
  • Smudger 3 The slower lioness says: This has been my first season doing cross country races .Have done all of my running clubs race series at shouldham warren,with the last one coming up next week and completed another one at houghton hall.I love crosscountry nice scenery and no cars .Lots of fresh air and lots of fun.Will be back for more next season.Sue
  • Baron says: Trained hard for 2 months for the intercounties XC champs but missed the bus.
  • Rossage says: i love cross country, had my first year of english schools this year loved every min :D
    same again this year :D gotta train hard though
  • nebben92 says: I'm in high school in the US, we run 5k for XC... I'm hoping to put five of my times under 17:40 this year, so we'll see how that goes. Is there a standard XC distance in England?
  • tom_craggs says: Just started in the Metropolitcan League this year, struggled a bit in race one but it seems a perfect balance between the road running and trail running I normally do.
  • SarahL says: I'm a newbie XC runner! :)
  • Loca says: Did my first XC race last autumn. Thought I would hate it but I really enjoyed it. Will be back for more this year. first one 6/12/08. Only 6k so a nice distance to start with.
  • GOWER118 says: I am looking forward to the last league race in the bham league on saturday . Then it is time to concentrate on the roads and track . Hope eveyone has had a lovely season wallowing around in the mud lol
  • stumpo says: finished 87th overall in essex cross country league!!
  • martin K says: love getting muddy and slipping all over the place its FUN
  • jimonion says: Did a lot of XC last year and this year out in the woods around Purbrook/ it, love it, love much to see, wildlife, views makes running even more enjoyable :)
  • diane_b says: love it, love it! Who needs roads?
  • ianp84 says: Run my first proper xc last week, tough but really enjoyed. Looking forward to next months inter county xc championships! COME ON WEST WALES!
  • Hicky says: The muddier the better!!
  • activeight says: I haven't really done any XCR yet (not sure if a couple of duathlons count), but want to start.
    Im joining Bishops Stortford Running Club on Wednesday, so hopefully I will get one or two in this year :)
  • FollowYourHeart says: XC is's less impact than the road so less injury risk, and it gives you a much tougher workout. It really is the whole package.
  • oi you says: 2018/19 season now beckons, and I’m a wee bit nervous this year.
  • The Rain King says: Woohoo up to me knees in sh*t for the next 4 months!!! Love it!
  • socks up to says: Roads? where we're going we don't need. . . roads! :-)
  • Clapped-Out Runner says: Shocked to find my very first XC race was more than a quarter-of-a-century ago (i986). Still doing them regularly, albeit a tad slower! Now writing a history of this form of running..... watch this space!
  • Thespare says: Great run this weekend on Frosty Sunday! Gordon's Christmas Dash, 5 miles of mud and puddles and frozen variations thereof on a lovely sunny common. It's so much warmer running while wearing a Father Christmas hat! And I won the Female 55 Veterans class, which is a first!
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