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  • Blunderwoman says: It's my first mara - gonna need all the servicing I can get!!
  • Sloggerian says: The support I received last year from team 4 was fantastic and am already looking forward to Fetchpoint as the highlight for this year! (as well as repeating the banter towards the other teams on the Adidas wall at the expo :-))
  • Debbie G says: After 3 years on the Fetchpoint side of the barrier - I'm looking forward to running London again - I shall certainly look forward to seeing all those red & yellow balloons and hear the wave of noise by the time I get to mile 22
  • rosec2 says: Just discovered this phenomenom...hope i'm not to late to join in!
  • Speedie says: Fetchpoint rocked last year but my race was poor. Hope to hear the voices of fetchies as i go for that magic PB!
  • UltraMrsR says: I will be ultra slow as this will be my 3rd mara in as many weeks!!
  • MadWelshWoman says: I am training for VLM again...have PF problems at the moment but still hope to make it!
  • Sarahlou says: First marathon. I am Mrs Joopsy btw.
  • SooWoo says: think I'll be running in my Central AC club vest (yellow with blue side panels), if all goes to plan then I should be running with my pal who'll have the same club vest (does that make us easier to spot?)
  • PhilB66 says: I will be number 17108 (Blue Start) running in Alzheimer's Society vest and with a 3:15 target finishing time for my first mara.
  • John66 says: Can't decide whether i'm looking forward to this or absolutely shi**ing myself. Probably the latter.
  • Kenny_Boy says: SUB FOUR HOURS OR DEATH (or maybe just over four... death's maybe over-playing it...)
  • sugs says: I'm in - but what do i do now?
  • becca7 says: Fetchpoint rocks. Running courtesy of a club place again - white Running4women vest.
  • Ex-pat Scot says: jelly babies and lots of high 5's please.
    ETA at FP - 12:10
    Finish prediction 2:55
  • Papa G says: I will be near the back somewhere, so any support I get will be appreciated.
  • macca 53 says: I hope it make it to Fetchpoint before my dodgy legs give out
  • longboat says: Yes please! Always up for a good service!
  • Grumpy fella says: I doubt I'll have the energy to be grumpy but I may be emotional
  • Southcoastpete says: I'm the other side of the barrier this year. So probably looking for a quick tyre change, or something :)
  • SMeecham says: I ran last year with my name on my top - only two shouts! What do I need to wear - to catch the fetchies eyes?
  • TnoP says: I'm in and sooooo excited!!
    Having experienced the simply wonderful Edi Fetchpoint last year I can't wait to see what London brings
  • The Terminator says: Last year was my first and I had sub 4 tunnel vision, this year will be my third in as many weekends and I'm stopping for a chat and a rub :-p
  • Norrin Radd says: Hanneke was a legend with the Miso Soup and jelly babies in 2008, thanks again Han!!!
    Any support again would be much appreciated x x x
  • Monkex says: hmmm "serviced" ok I'll have some of that :-)
  • darl0 says: Second trip to London, can't wait
  • Lady Sol says: I'm in :)
  • Angelplodder says: First marathon. Feeling very scared but looking forward to Fetchpoint.
  • Firesac says: Just missed getting under the 3hrs last year, so this year the aim is to dip well under it, training going well so far, The support at the Fetchpoint last year was one of the highlights of the day.
  • JaneyM says: Fetchpoint rocks - I am stuck in between very excited and absolutely terrified of the VLM. Will be good to have Fetchie friends in London. :)
  • HayleyB says: Will I make it to the start? Wouldn't put money on it at this stage...
  • tuga says: First marathon. Really looking to forward to the Fetchpoint support :)
  • Crazy Lady says: Hi doin my first mara in London 2011. wish you all well with your training. Mine is kinda on plan -so far!
  • Ian121 says: i'm REALLY gona need fetchpoint ;-)
  • Northern Exile says: First time VLM for me - was at the mile 13 FP last year, looking forward to running it this year!
  • Jon_T says: Will be requiring the works at 22 miles please
  • Gritts! says: I'm in, feel free to abuse me :)
  • poppyH says: Yes please if it's not too late, getting very excited now.
  • SparkyMark says: First time running - Can't wait for FETCHPOINT
  • DuaneDibbley says: I'm in too...I'm running again this year, for nspcc/childline this time - never even saw fetchpoint last time, totally forgot!
  • Chief Sub-5 says: Great idea - full service for me please!
  • mickeygooner says: am running the marathon for first time and boy am i gonna need some support !!!
  • Monkey_75 says: Bring it on!! Max71 get your servicing gear out ....
  • mrs shanksi says: I will be running this race with The Terminator. Really looking forward to the race and the Fetchpoint :-)
  • mdsparky says: Plantar Fasciitis with 4 weeks to go - potential show stopper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  • Alun says: I'll be there, aiming for sub 3:15 in my Red and Black club vest....
  • Wriggling Snake says: running, sub 4, please,please. I think I may fetch shirt underneath and club vest on top. I may wellpost a picture :-)
  • suze78 says: I took your jelly babies last year, many thanks. This year I thought it polite to say hello before taking the goods again. See you at mile 22
  • Morf says: My first VLM and looking forward to the service at Mile 22, will make the earlier miles worth it! Wearing red vest with my name MAURA across the top
  • Toks says: i cannot wait for this :-) too excited already, goodluck to fellow runners, enjoy the experience if it is your first time and be flexible with your goals :-)
  • Roobarb says: Will be very slow as I am doing Brighton the week before :)
  • woolly says: Its my 1st Marathon so any shouts & help would be great especially for the 22 mile nearly there but not part!!! I'll be wearing illuminous yellow Dogs for the Disabled vest with Rachel on it!!
  • Run Jabba Run says: Does the Fetch service involve picking me up at the start and carrying me to the end?
  • Tizer says: Am I too late to join in the fun :( ? How can I have missed all this?
  • Tango (Adam) says: the fetchpoint was great last year!! i'll be looking for them again this year! :D
  • B Rubble says: My third London and 13th marathon. Hope it's not unlucky.
  • northern_runner says: 3rd London Marathon. Running with a club place in a light green vest for Macmillan Cancer Relief.
  • mags says: Will have tired legs but looking to enjoy....
  • redrunning says: I'm in, starting to get worried now but looking forward to seeing all the fetchies at the 22mile mark
  • MrsJJ says: Mrs JJ running London for second time in Wrekin Road Runner vest, orange,black and white and can't wait to hear that Fetchie cheer.
  • Fizz :-) says: Bit late to join, but maybe I can get Max to put me in a team still?

    Looking for 4.30, and will be running in a Macmillan top, or maybe vest.
  • The Burtmeister says: I'll be in my yellow and red North Derbyshire shirt with 'Chris' on it.
    Give us a shout! Forgot to say, aiming for 3:30...ish!
  • vava says: Having a Fetchpoint is such a great idea!!
  • Ron Burgundy says: I should be easy to spot... I'm dressing up as Ron Burgundy :-)
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