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We raised over £5000 for them last time and put a race that came in the top ten as rated on Runners World. People have been asking whether we can do it again. If you think we should and you would like to run or help, join up here.

The race will be on 11th March 2012 at Draycote Water. Entries are now open :)

Notes from Members

  • Philippe Flop says: Yep... I'd like to be involved!
  • Snigel says: Don't know a lot about this but have seen a man in a wheelchair being pushed by another guy at various Stratford events with Mick and Phil written (?? on shirts?? I'm so unobservant) and admire their tenacity. I use running to manage my diabetes, only started 4 years ago but now I appreciate the urge to run against all the odds...
  • HappyG(rrr) says: Not sure if I can make this one, but would love to. It was amazing atmosphere last time! :-)G
  • waynet says: available to help/run ;)
  • MrsBear says: would love to help if I can - what needs doing?
  • icemaiden says: Not sure what use I can be but count me in.
  • Smileygirlie says: Just tell me what to do... hope I can be more useful this time round ;) x
  • controversial says: happy to help .... if i am not in some crazy race :-)
  • Mr. K. says: A fetch fest if there every was one.
  • Clueless says: I am in :)
  • Schnecke says: I'm up for this again :-)
  • stuart little says: Hopefully I'll be there and able to help in some capacity :)
  • Stoatally says: I'm in, in some capacity. Whatever I can do to help :-)
  • Johnny Blaze says: Barkis is willing
  • The great dollop says: race photos perhaps ?!?
  • magsd36 says: Depending on holidays I will be there, last one was a blast.
  • Nightjar says: Put me on the to do list again.
  • DeeGee says: Depends on when, I'll either run or help!
  • FurryH says: Depends on where and when. If i'm free i'll be there.
  • Wriggling Snake says: November, could be on!!!
  • minardi says: Would love to be there if it doesn't clash with owt :-)
  • Bumblebee1984 says: Helper please, already planned my 1st and 2nd marathons for 2011
  • barking says: Please dont run it at a weekend that I am working...;) :)
    Last one was great
  • Keegs says: AM IN - Really enjoyed the last 1
  • 1step2far says: I'm happy to marshall etc on the day! :-)
  • Durbat says: I'm in
  • Ultradunc says: It would be good to visit once again.
  • bal says: Hopefully in
  • richmac says: I'll do
  • tiamo69 says: As it should be somewhere in the midlands, i'd be more than happy to attend & hopefully bring some local parkrunners with me...
  • E.C.N. says: Phil and who?
  • Fat Jase says: I'm in!!
  • because-of-my-angel says: Long distance for me, in both driving and running miles, but will do all I can to make it, for Mick N Phil
  • Half Empty says: Date allowing I'll be there
  • Vicky W says: Pending date/venue, Mr VW and I would love to be there
  • Grast_girl says: Awaiting the date...
  • WA says: Count me in!
  • Motters says: I,am in
  • ultracollie says: I will gladly help if i can, if not will run and convince Mrs uc to assist somehow :-)
  • SunnyDevon says: Available for marshalling
  • runrogrun says: Just entered....looking forward to it already :-)
  • Excitabubble says: Booked on to what seems to be a fantastic Fetch Fest of Running. Now how many weeks to train up to a Peee Beee? ;-)
  • Yeti says: my company would like to support in terms of providing the numbers or similar - can someone please fmail me or let me know who I need to contact to arrange? :-)
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