Group: 750 miles in 2011

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As it says on the tin :)

Notes from Members

  • theOtherRichard says: I'm in.
    Tried 750 last year but struggled to reach 500; I'm going to make it this year though!
    Good luck everyone! :)
  • Stewie says: Hi Guys, managed 500 in 2010 and going for 750 this year, good luck to all :)
  • Jerboa says: Big fat fail, damn knees!!!
  • Brady says: I'm training for The Grizzly and London so will hopefully achieve this. Good luck to all
  • icklevee says: Did just over 500 last year, so 750 I think is achievable, maybe even 1000, but will review as the year goes on. Half training should help. Good luck to all & hope you stay injury free :)
  • Mick the slug says: I'm in we go, here we go
  • Pidd says: Failed through Injury and CBA in 2010, fingers crossed for 2011
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