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A group for people who want a monthly rather than a yearly target. At the end of each month you start with a clean sheet :-)

Please let me know if you join/leave the group so the spreadsheet for the monthly round up can be kept in order

Notes from Members

  • R4R says: 10 months in 2009, 8 months in 2010 - Lets see if I can reverse the trend
  • Grumpa says: Got some catching up to do already :( in month one,might be over be I know it.
  • Da Big Guy says: So on a 1100 yearly schedule I can't do it - but lately I've been a little ahead. August is a killer month (hols and heat).
  • mitsy says: This is a new challenge for me but one that I think I can manage. Let's see if I can keep it up.
  • The Terminator says: see if I can make it two years out of two, good luck everyone
  • markuu says: Did 10 out of 12 last year, must try harder
  • GrahH says: May was ok! :)
  • Dina Mo says: I joined the 1000 miles in 2009 and did 1089 and then again in 2010 and did 1102....I guess this will bump me up to 1200...why not :)
  • Peteb69 says: Nearly made it last year, picked up an injury in May. So solid training and racing hopefully this will be a good year.
  • Old Man says: Have successfully completed it in 2009 and 2010 so really do want to keep it going in 2011
  • annadav says: Hoping for 12/12 in 2011. Missed a few months in 2010 due to injury.
  • lozza says: This group was great motivation in 2010. Would love to make 24/24 by the end of 2011.
  • Mr. K. says: Just made it in 2010 so hopefully......but April could be a bit trickly...
  • lady alton says: in an effort to up my mileage this year I am going to try for this and 1200 for the year.
  • iPaul says: 13 streaky months already - looking for 25
  • FRU (KeepTheFaith) says: I would love to be sat on New Years Day 2012 having achieved 12/12 this time... however "try" is the aim :-)
  • activeight says: I managed several months last year and WILL achieve it this year :)
  • ChrisHB says: August will be tricky as I'm confined to a stupid ship for two weeks.
  • GlennR says: Carrying on what I started in 2010.
  • Sarahwelshy says: I like short, sharp targets, me. Don't want to find myself with 800+ miles to run in December!
  • millicat says: Managed to do 1000 miles last year so this will be a good incentive to increase my training just that little bit more!!
  • Toks says: Yikessssssssssss it has to be done from now on 100 or more per month till end of may
    :-0 Goodluck everyone till the end of the year and beyond :-)
  • Norrin Radd says: Am well ahead of target for 1000 for the year. So why not :)
  • Silver Strider says: Missed a few last year but easily made the mileage. Turning towards the darkside this year but I should still make it :-0
  • run-forest-run says: Three months in, feel a bit more confident now :-)
  • Lo-Jo says: Hi, would like to give this a go!
  • Lorne says: just joined the 100 miles a month 2011. I'll do it this year!!!
  • slowfish says: not managed it for first 3 months, but hopefully will hit 100 for the next nine!!
  • MrMarmiteRuns says: Cycst on toe has prevented my target. Now getting back ..... ! See what this month brings!!
  • Yorkshire Lass says: Just joined this group - 100 or more in a month is my mission
  • GuyG says: Hello...just joined Fetch, but last 3 months have been building it up, running 5 halfs before december! :
    May 93 miles
    June 109 miles
    July 111 miles
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