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Notes from Members

  • Anna Bomb says: Got a few ultras and marathons this year so need to get my mileage back to what it was in 2009 after slacking off last year
  • GlennR says: Building up from 1850 last year.
  • Hamster1207 says: On target so far - Last year injuries got the better of my but back with a vengeance now....
  • um says: Sorry for late entry ... my goal is really 2011 in 2011 (but am ecstatic at getting to 1000 before end of June)
  • payless says: I was well on my way to getting to my target mileage,after reaching it last year, but a very bad injury in June, then another in November meant I couldn't run for a while, so i'll just have to tick over now. Next year maybe?
  • northern_runner says: Actually aiming for 2011 in 2011 but 2000 is close enough!
  • Bosun Tony says: Plan was not to have a target this year, just to do a varied training plan. But what the hell, i've got a few ultras to do and it's a great thread anyway :) Best of luck everyone
  • DickyDare says: hamstring injury put pay to this objective last year lets have another pop!!
  • 57.5 Degrees of Pain says: I need motivation after my spring marathon to maintain a decent mileage through the summer, if I do then 2000 should be a good target.
  • Dave A says: Should be able to do this. If all goes to plan I will have a fairly heavy 6 months, then a slightly lighter back 6 months, but the 1st 6 should see me through.
  • Paul N says: Suits me sirs, I'll have some of that.
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