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  • IanS says: Got 3 ultras and 2 marathons lined up for 2011 so I'm in again :-)
  • pielips says: Hi all, thought i would give this one a go this year. Managed over 1100miles in 2010 with a few bad months (due to work commitments) so with a bit of motivation i should be able to do it, touch wood
  • iPaul says: I was late joining last years 1500 - So I'm in early for 2011.
  • The Terminator says: Lets do it!
  • mrs shanksi says: I'm in again, I loved the thread last year. Thanks Terminator x
  • SODDING HILLS says: Fantastic group, great support. Although I didn't get anywhere near the target for various reasons, superb to see how many did manage to hit their goals
  • Tumble says: is it possible to find the time ..keep motivated .. will need the extra miles to get faster duck
  • Flip Flop says: Afternoon all .... hit 1200 in 2010 so 1500 for 2011 seems doable :) ..... Didn't plan that one very well .... been out for a month with a calf tear :(
  • JovialGnome says: Well I managed to beat it by 6 miles in 2010 so should be able to do it again despite tempus fugiting and all that!

    And yes, today I passed the 1500 mark, woohoo!
  • pussy cat says: bring it on!!
  • rollerman says: 3rd attemp at this one, will this be my year......
  • lozza says: Not too hard with 2 marathons to train for but have told hubby I won't do any in 2011 so might be hard work....
  • The Flying Fifer says: 1500 as sub-target, would really like to run 1800 and cycle 1800 in 2011.
  • Foxy says: just over 100 miles a month with a 10 in 10 thrown in & I sholud be ok ? Hoping to make a better effort of this than when I joined in 2008 & accidentally did 3300 miles ! LOL
  • Smileygirlie says: After 2010's epic fail I resolve to do much better this year, bring it on ;)
  • arbster says: I'm going to have a stab at 1500 miles this year... I have a plan and I'm going to stick to it!
  • Mr. K. says: I`ll give it a go again :-)
  • Nellers says: 650 in 2009, 1250 in 2010. I think I'm ready for 1500 in 2011.
  • iaincr says: just the motivation I need, hopefully my metarsallis doesnt get to bad and I can run a marathin in 2011 too!
  • josieT says: I'm in! Hoping I reach 1500 again and more (who knows???) , and loved the support of this thread!
  • ChrisVilla says: Entered last year, got injured and dropped out. Not this time!....
  • R4R says: Let's have another go ...
  • richmac says: Didn't start logging traing properly till May last year & managed a 1000 so I figure give 1500 a go!
  • brimps says: hope not too late to join
  • Danny T says: One of my personal goals is to run 1500 miles this year, so this group is perfect. 165 miles ran so far, only 1335 to go!
  • HappyG(rrr) says: Looks like me ave weekly mileage at 25-30 is pointing at 1500 for the year. And this lot are all cute too! :-)G
  • Marchbanks says: Gwarn
  • OVERTHELAST says: Should have done this last year but for a sodding niggling back injury in the final quarter. Well on target this year and fingers firmly crossed I shall succeed!

    Today (21/10) I reached the 1300 miles mark - so with just 200 to go and several weeks of the year remaining, I really ought to do this.

    14/12/11 - Completing tonight's club run meant I finally achieved my goal of 1500 miles in a year - yipeee!!

    9/12 - Having been way layed with a undiagnosed foot injury for the past three weeks or so I'm now on the road to recovery. Aiming to complete my first 1500 miles in a year later next week. Wish me luck!
  • Alun says: Just broke through the 1000 mile barrier for 2011, first time that I've run that far during a single year.
    I'm aiming for 1500 by the end of the year, it's gonna be close....
  • FRU (KeepTheFaith) says: Game on.. 1500 I am coming to get YOU!
  • CottamRunner says: Made it to 1000 in September and have ramped up my training, so thought I'd try for the big 1500 by year end! :-)
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