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  • Bintmcskint says: Erm....huzzah...and pompoms and all that! :-)
  • Kaza says: Not sure this is a good idea but will try :-)
  • Hourglass says: After a rather slack 2010 running wise I'm gonna get back out there all 'Grrrrrrrrrr'-stylee...and I want to be a foxy 40 rather than a flabby one :-)
  • hepburn says: Hi 700 gang, 2011 is going to be our year!!
  • Phoenix Lesley says: Remind me to build up my miles before the heat hits in June please
  • PenW says: 1st marathon this year so hoping that will help push my mileage from 500 to at least 700 :-)
  • BaronessBL says: The target *was* going to be 650 - lets see how this goes though
  • Musical Journey says: I recorded 460 miles in 2010, the majority of which all came in the second half of the year. 700 should be within reach
  • beck says: did about 550 miles in 2010 and im training for my first marathon so this is the milage i want to try and do this year
  • Mick the slug says: I've joined here because I couldnt find the 750 group. I hope I'll be happy here
  • Star says: ummmm........yeh ok....I'll give it a go
  • Jon_T says: Am well on my way to first target of 500, need a goal to keep going for a full 12 months this year, suffered with injury and CBA last year
  • Zehnderboy says: 700 would be uber amazing if I get it. Last year I broke through the 500 (just) and intiially set myself 1000km for this year, but now 700 looks like a nice target to go for - and so many nice people in this group too, I'd be crazy not to join.
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