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Geordies, Mackems, Smoggies... and people who just happen to live in the North East - Meet up. Run one mile. Drink beer.Eat cake. The thread will tell you when the next one is!

Notes from Members

  • Elderberry says: I was born and lived in Seaham for 30 years, so I demand entry to this group (although i now live on the other side of the Pennines)
  • Gasheader says: I can say "I was there" at the inaugural race.
  • geordiegirl says: Still not made it to a mile challenge, hopking that next year will change that
  • slug001 says: hope this is open to Northumbrians
  • PloddinBuddah says: Hs anyone got any idea when the next one is?
  • 154 Rob says: the Quayside mile'll be a right laugh with the multitudinous pedestrian citizens :-)
  • Hamsterbolt says: Doing it if available
  • Robsta says: well done with the P.B's everybody Wish I'd turned out now - did track instead shin pain has returned!!!!!
  • Anna Bomb says: will be there if I can be
  • slowburner says: fairly new to running although did complete the belfast marathon in 2008 as a challenge (drunken I hasten to add) just started running again for fun ...oh and beer
  • Neilio says: I'm in. Done a few marathons but enjoying working on my raw(if you can call it that!) speed.Born and bred Geordie, living in Waaaallsend. Never ran on a track either.
  • Snowflakegirl says: I am a German Kraut but I run and I have lived here for nearly five years. Wouldnt budge if they paid me lol
  • FairWeatherRunner says: say the day & I'll be there! Living & working in Durham/ Gateshead/ South Shields
  • .HA HA says: it needs to return to south shields
  • honestmackem says: count me in!

    born mackem now living in Whitley
  • Bayrunner says: From Northumberland and raring to go!!!
  • Blefuscu says: I'm a newish plodder. Run for Tyne Bridge Harriers. Often do Newcastle Parkrun. I'm getting faster so you better speed up or I'll catch ya x
  • JustTony says: I'm up for it. Living in North Shields.
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