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  • Meglet says: Third time lucky?
  • karl says: hopeing to have a good end to the year and back to runing 3 time a week and take part in races
  • Killerkane says: Fingers crossed !
  • Wine Belly says: Yep, no more excuses. This is achievable!
  • stevedw says: Too many injuries in 2010. Second attempt. Good luck all.
  • Angelplodder says: Missed it by a long way last year. Determined to do it this year. Good luck everyone :-)
  • RavyDave says: A realistic goal this year, I hope!
  • greenbox says: I'm in - again!! hopefully this time I will get there :-)
  • stubanch says: Maybee a wee bit more
  • tiamo69 says: hoping to exceed this & push through to 750 or maybe even 1000 miles this year.
    but we all need to keep our goals SMART & start somewhere don't we...
  • Ianmon says: managed 538 miles in 2010, hope to do at least as well in 2011 - secret ploy is to enter a 45 mile ultra in January - so I can be lazy for the rest of the year and still scrape through the 500 barrier :)
  • geordiegirl says: Illness & injury scuppered last year's 500 target so I'll try again, 3rd time lucky and all that.
  • Snellers says: Here's to a good start in Jan and Feb!
  • Caprica Vix (RotJ) says: Im in! Here's to an injury free year :)
  • Spally says: I'm in - third time lucky, hope joinig this won't be a jinx again
  • Jon_T says: Missed it in 2010, WILL get there in 2011
  • SusieQ says: got to make it this time?
  • Star says: gonna make it this year PMA and all that :-)
  • Carrie14 says: Needing this target for the year :-)
  • ianwgp says: An early target to get 2011 off to a good start
  • HilaryT says: Second time lucky for me, 30 miles short in 2010.
  • ICanDoThis says: Hopefully this will be the incentive I need to keep running. Only started in 2010
  • Winniefree says: Dobbied by volcanos, flu and snow in 2010, hoping for better luck this year!
  • MissChappo says: Probably be about 40 short for 2010 so got to give this another go :-)
  • CrazyLegs says: Hopefully an injury free 2011 for me and everyone else :-)
  • Excitabubble says: 3rd year of running for me, so fingers crossed I'll make it :-)
  • Evangel says: I can't bear to miss out on the superb crowd of 500'ers.
  • Helegant says: You've got to have a dream, if you don't have a dream, how you gonna make a dream come true?
  • because-of-my-angel says: Goals give you guidance.
  • Wooters says: I think I can do 500 miles this year, I'm in :)
  • Mr J says: Got close last year and want blast this distance in 2011
  • Little Nemo says: Had a dreadful running year in 2010 so need a sensible target for 2011 :-)
  • leejprice says: I clocked 500 miles by September, now aiming for 750!
  • loki says: Count me in. I've done 17 already. That's nearly halfway, right?
  • MrsBear says: back again for another attempt
  • Lidders says: gotta go for it! I need the motivation
  • Bluey says: 1 mile to go and 500 miles completed!
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