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For those who want to complete 1000 miles during 2011
Just sign up below and set a 1000 mile target in the Training section so I can see you

Recognition will be granted to those who reach 1000km during their journey.

Just log your runs each week, Stalking and Haddock Waving are provided free of charge.

Each week the has a different theme or set of categories

New Rule- it is suggested that members celebrating a 1000th mile should dance as they acheive thsi or alternatively dance naked in your local cake shop;-)

*Please note: the Admin of the group is NOT responsible for any arrest and/or fine incurred while doing this or any damge or injury sustained while dodging a large bloomer or eclair*

Notes from Members

  • Alun says: Just broke through the 1000 mile barrier for 2011, first time that I've run that far during a single year.
    I'm aiming for 1500 by the end of the year, it's gonna be close....
  • susanof says: Seems a bit big - but would like to give it a good go!!
  • Brady says: Marathon training and turning 40 this year will hopefully spur me on to 1000 miles
  • Sig007 says: Well didn't do that well last year (about 500 miles) but have booked 2 of the Kilomathons and looking to do some more races so WILL acheive it. I'm on board :-)
  • caw says: Didn't make it in 2010 but determined to do it in 2011
  • mokina says: I can do this, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this....... :)
  • the bevan fella says: Managed it last year and looks a good challenge for 2011 - fingers crossed!
  • ozzies says: I'm training for an ironman and need a running goal... 1000 miles is a step up for me
  • tiamo69 says: this will be my ultimate goal for 2011 but not sure if it will be acheivable due to outside commitments...
    so, may end up in the 500 0r 750 groups by December 2011...
  • Sombrero says: 800+ miles in both 2008 & 2009. 2010 wasn't great as I missed the first few months with a gym injury, will finish on around 600 miles. 1000 in 2011 is do-able!
  • slowfish says: managed this last year - hope to do it again this year!
  • TnoP says: I'm in. Looking forward to it!
  • Sheb says: Quite new to this running stuff but feel like I need a target and this seems a good one!
  • Philippe Flop says: Third time lucky!!!
  • Tim in Holland says: Looking forward to joining for the ride. My aim is for the 1000 by the end of August....
  • Im A Runner says: Joined my first group. Here is hoping to reach the 1000 target, good luck everyone.
  • JJ Flash says: I may have surgery later in the year so I will try to go off like a rocket and get some miles in the bank ready.
  • CottamRunner says: I'm in (again)!! :-)
  • activeight says: Oh goody goody, here we go again :)
  • northernslowcoach says: In again :-)
  • markuu says: I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this year, great motivation being part of this group
  • Cherries says: Hello - Please can I join your group? I was originally in the 1250mi group but I am having a bash at the FIRST principle and so have cut my running target numbers down a bit and added in some bike target miles.

    Could do with some virtual support as I have no running buddies at home :-(

    I am good at both stalking and fish waving so could fit in quite nicely.....
  • Jo_Rae says: Bit more realistic for me than 1500 I think :-)
  • plodding hippo says: My target does have a zero on the end
  • Corona says: Big FAIL in 2010 due to injury after having been in with a chance of making it. Hoping for a better 2011 :-)
  • Karen S says: Planning to do 2 marathons in 2011 so will need to up the miles on my 700 done this year!
  • Pizza Boy says: Well up for this :D
  • Tynans_Dad says: Started last year well with 96 miles in January but stumbled to just under 600 by the end of the year due to a severe case of C.B.A. Am determined to hit more miles this year.
  • ianwgp says: This is my year, 2011, it will not just be 1000 but 2000 miles.
  • Runny says: 16 miles in a year - easy peasy
  • Mrs Winkle says: Good goal to have - it'll be my highest ever mileage if I achieve it!
  • magsd36 says: One marathon and two half ironmen to get through in 2011, first half marathon of 2011 early March so best get running
  • Celtic_Jester says: I'm in managed just over 1000 for 2010 so keeps the motivation going
  • Evangel says: This is a realistic target for me, as I shall be hopefully doing a Spring Marathon.
  • Shell Trooper Atkins says: Makes every mile you run, if only 1 mile worth while when adding up.
  • roz says: May do 1011 or even 1111 if i can stay injury free :-)
  • Paolo Plodder says: Haven't run since Amsterdam mara in Oct, but with injuries sorted (touch wood!) am looking forward to a good start to 2011.
  • Drell says: Trying again -- let's see if I can actually do it this year!
  • chris80 says: Come on - just said last night to my partner that I didnt have a goal. now i have
  • Special*K says: made it in 2010 (just about!) so keeping it going in 2011 with a busy new job will still be a challenge. Plus this group and thread are the best :)
  • iPLOD says: There's over 50 of us, so it's less than 40 miles each!
  • Seagrave says: 900 done in 2010, with 5 weeks out injured and 3 weeks out with a hernia so this should be a shoe-in. Ahem.
  • Soooz says: A1000 failure for 2010. Hopefully 2011 will be better.
  • Hash says: New year, new start, hopefully with the old body back, not the injured thing I had to live in last year!
  • emma7027 says: would have done it in 2010 if it wasn't for that pesky injury.....
  • Norrin Radd says: in this year

    bombed out in the last 2 due to injury
  • fungel says: onlt just made it last year, gonna smash it this year
  • Lo-Jo says: I'm in! Started running in races last July and logging my training on Fetch. I'm surprised to see how the mileage mounts up. Fingers crossed for good health all year :)
  • grommitz says: only managed 123 miles last year, I'm going to have to up it a bit!
  • MOUNTAIN GOATESS says: Love a challenge! ;-)
  • Tav H says: Just over 900 last year, 1000 this year is completely doable but it's amazing what happens over the course of 12 months!
  • Caterpillar says: Not really on track but it's still cold dark wet windy and muddy out there. Sunshine please.
  • Dukester says: Hi all a friend of mine just missed out on 1000 miles last year, so I decided to give it a go. clocked 100 as of today bring on the next 900!! Happy and injury free running to all!
  • TooLate says: If nothing breaks ...
  • John 810 says: I'll have a good go at this, I did 800+ in 2010 so 1000 in 2011 would be progress - I hope!
  • simeyk says: Started the year (and my running) with a 2.6m plod on Jan 4th. This should be interesting!
  • woolly says: Done!! 1000 by end of September!!
  • TheDuke says: Done!! On the last day of the year...
  • katief89 says: Started well so thought I'd go for this group!
  • cackleberry says: I was already aiming for this and so far going well. Bring it on!
  • Ski says: Going well this year....need a goal to keep me going!
  • Warndog says: done it done it !!! The last 80 miles post marathon have been harder than 4 months marathon training. Mainly due to my recent diet of beer and cakes !!
  • Darting says: 919 miles so far this year......... Im going to make the 1000 by the end of October! Yippee!

    What can stop me now? ....... Nothing! Unless I trip over my feet in the Cardiff half next month and spend the rest of the year as a couch potato.

    Always look on the bright side : )
Group admin: fetcheveryone

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