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I've been playing with the spreadsheet today, trying to tidy it up, and add a few bits and pieces.

I totalled the group weight loss an we seem to have lost someone. Can you all have a good look please, see if they slid down the back of the sofa or something. They'll be about 10st 4lbs (66kg). Thats what the group has lost between us. 145 lbs!

Not as Lardy (or mean) as Max's lot and not as thin as the others, this is a group to lose a sensible amount of weight in a sensible amount of time.

The Threadie:

The Spreadie:

The Plan:
Choose your target weight
Set the end date as February 14th
Off you go.

Weigh in on a regular basis (tbc)

All encouragement welcomed.

Add any useful websites / calorie trackers etc

Notes from Members

  • hillgirl says: Trying to lose a stone, but been trying for about 6 months - need a bit of public declaration, I think
  • Mrs Muckyhands says: I've been carrying the surplus stone for quite sometime, going to give it a go
  • Bosun Tony says: Crew change day should be 7th December (weather permitting) will weigh in at home. A stone off would be nice
  • Shin-Twigs says: dunno how much i weigh yet will do so on monday at gym don'thave scales at home
  • Stoatally says: If anyone can think of anything they want in the group or spreadsheet just fmail me. Everyone should be able to edit the ss so just fill it in.
  • Karen S says: This will be great to get that extra stone off I've been carrying around! Public declaration always works for me!!
  • halfpint says: Looking to lose half a stone or so!! Need a kick up the bum :)
  • Star says: looking to lose 10lb
  • Drell says: Want to get back down to near 120 lbs. Aim is 126 lbs (9 stone) by 14 Feb.
  • Yeti says: Even later than most, but hopefully will provide mutual motivation!
  • Moe says: Spent way too long at 13st and want to get back to closer to 12st! Keep dipping but then pop back up again. I want my BMI at 25.
  • Broccers says: Steadily creeped up from 10 st to 11 st. I know to run my best I need to be 10 st have got down to 10st 10 a few times by crash dieting but then piled it on again. So now is all about slow and steady!
  • MrsBear says: Trying to lose seven lbs - have lost seven since jan
  • katief89 says: probably could do with losing a stone. however I like to eat too much...
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