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Aim of the game is to record 2010 miles between us from 12AM on 1st December and Christmas Day @11.59PM. Maximum of 50 members. 80.4 miles a day on average.

Breakdown of average daily mileage required by each member.

50 Members - 1.61 miles per day
40 members - 2.01 miles per day
30 members - 2.68 miles per day
20 members - 4.02 miles per day
10 members - 8.04 miles per day

If we make it with time to spare, which probably means we have a big group, I suggest we have to do at least 201.0 miles a day from then on which may be a little more challenging...

Spreadsheet -

Notes from Members

  • R4R says: Even I should be able to manage a couple a day
  • paul296 says: Any excuse to burn off all the xmas dinners
  • katypie says: I take it we can run more than our average miles a day or do we need to limit it?
  • pinkladykat says: sounds fun
  • Pizza Boy says: 3 miles a day from me but they all count :-)
  • becca7 says: I'm hoping to run every day in December doing the Fetchathon, so I'm in. :)
  • Stoatally says: I reckon I can manage 2 miles a day :-)
  • Musical Journey says: 4 miles a day from me, even if I have over-indulged on the Christmas 'spirit' the night before :)
  • The Terminator says: I will probably be banging out about 6 miles a day average so there is a good start, hopefully. Merry Christmas. Just consider each mile another mince pie you can consume...
  • twodogs says: aiming for 100 plus just to end on a high
  • JimiG says: Count me in. I won't be a big mile contributor but need a little extra incentive as it gets colder!
  • Celtic_Jester says: I'll probably contribute 4 or 5 miles a day
  • mydodgyfeet says: i like this :)
  • superflyguy says: looks do will do as much as i can to get there
  • B-Lass says: Looking forward To it :)
  • Lexo says: might have to take the day off after the Office Xmas party if thats OK :)
  • Robbo62 says: hope to keep up with you all, December is usually a bit of a lull running wise for me so hopefully this will give me a kick up the ....
  • JEB1974 says: Sounds good. Count me in
  • Naomi P says: Assuming this works and gives me the boot up the bum I need, I ought to contribute a fair few miles to the total..
  • Woffy says: happy to chip in with a few miles
  • WA says: Could do with some motivation and this is just the ticket!
  • Blunderwoman says: Seeing as I'm training for a marathon now this will help to motivate me!
  • roz says: Hurray, something to keep me busy and away from the quality street.
  • Phoenix Lesley says: I have no excuses as I have the goood weather
  • JaneyM says: I know it's a few days in but can I join in the Crimbo fun???
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