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I have now closed joining this group as I have now sent out the list of victims to the secret santas.

IF YOU JOIN PLEASE SEND YOUR HOME ADDRESS TO ME GEORDIEGIRL so I can pass on your details to your Secret Santa - thanks :)

Its officially here..... come on elves join the group if you wish you take part!!!

Ho Ho Ho

As previous years please state if you are

a) happy to receive anything - and be prepared for what that may be

b) if you would like your SS to be a little careful with your gift i.e. nothing rude/inappropriate.

Budget - as previously shall we say £5, its about being affordable and fun. But I dont imagine anyone will mind if you wish to spend a little more.

Notes from Members

  • Toks says: nothing rude please, thank you :-)
  • barking says: my parents are pretty good - but nothing too hard to explain away please! And pref no smelly stuff - not that I dont smell, but me eczema aint that impressed :)
  • CC2 Speedy Goth says: Nothing rude please, also nothing edible as I'm allergic/intolerant to loads of things.
  • gojosiego says: woop de doo!! nothing rude please !
  • Stoatally says: Received my present, thank you very much Secret Santa.
  • Princess Purple Bubbles says: Hi :) My SS will be under the tree at mummy and daddys so nothing rude/inappropriate... :)
  • TRUCKER says: nothing rude please and a good left leg would be nice as mine keeps failing!!!
  • Ultra Sparkly Bridget (USB) says: If it is naughty put a warning on it so I don't open it in front of the Monster in Law!
  • Wriggling Snake says: Am I too late? I hope not. Nothing rude also. Merry Christmas. Non-perishable food like chocolate would be ok. Hint. Hint. No it's up to you really :-). Also I blogged about hits and tips for presents for meeeeeeeeeeeeeee :-):-):-). Hatful of Hollow!!!! Stranglers!!! Beer and wine guides ;-)
  • Gasping 4 breath says: nothing too rude thanks, as opening on the day!

    Finally back on line yay!Now lets go SS shopping........
  • Magbag says: Anything for me apart from smelly gift sets !
  • Star says: Ooohh first time for me....and nothing rude please!
  • katypie says: Nowt saucy please. Ta
  • Roobarb says: Can I have George Clooney this year please?
  • Phoenix Lesley says: I like smelly stuff, chocolate as long as it's not American and anything to do with cooking.
  • Winniefree says: I don't really mind - tasteful is good but I love surprises :-)
  • Tiggia says: Nothing rude please! Unless it's Gary Barlow stripped naked lying across a grand piano ...
  • HellsBells says: nothing rude please - i'd have to explain to the kids!
  • becca7 says: Thank you Secret Santa. Nicely wrapped parcel has been safely received. :)
  • Cloggy says: Wahey, it's my first Fetch Xmas and I'm up for a surprise in any shape or form - I'm easy to please!! ;) Happy Fetchmas ho-ho-hoooo!
  • WA says: Nothing rude please :-)
  • PaulaMc says: Nothing rude here either - and it's not the kids I'd have to make excuses to! All good fun, have enjoyed the last couple of years xx
  • slowfish says: great idea - but nothing rude please!
  • SPKoF says: happy to receive anything
  • Meglet says: no rudies please!
  • Flibberty Jibbet says: nothing rude for me please - OH doesn't understand these things!!!!!! am not keen on chocolate and anything marzipan tasting or smelling makes me sick :-o
  • Purps says: Hiya. Hooray for SS. Please no food stuffs or lavender stuff as I suffer from migraines and food/strong smells set them off. Other than that go for your life. I'm a happy little soul who likes all things and my OH is a fetch so knows what I'm doing.
  • Silvershadow says: Was great last year, I'm in again. Nothing rude please.
  • Pootle says: I don't care what I get, though a puppy would be nice ;-)
  • plodding hippo says: happy to receive anything
  • frangale says: Nothing rude please, my OH already thinks I'm weird having friends from t'internet, thank goodness he doesn't venture on the site ;)
  • Limpet says: something useful, if not sweeties :-)
  • B-Lass says: a) don't mind. preferably a memento or something that can be kept and doesnt only last xmas if that makes sense :)
  • Wine Legs says: Nowt too filthy, but amusing and a bit saucy is fine and dandy.
  • Snapstinget says: Rude stuff to Mrs Snaps only :-)
  • Fly says: Nothing rude please.
  • roz says: Happy to receive anything.
  • Keefley says: Happy to get anything.
  • fungel says: anything ubercool this year please
  • Debstir says: Nothing rude thanks :)
  • Lyra OK says: Aye, go on then! :)
  • LeGreg - hes back and he wants reve says: A new boiler would be nice. Failing this, anything...
  • Iron_Mum says: I love this idea! Count me in please but nothing that I can't unwrap in front of the kiddies (and indeed Mr IM) without blushing!
  • tuga says: nothing rude pls; I've got small kids
  • Smileygirlie says: Please count me in for the festive fun this year... it's all about giving (ok and a bit of receiving ;) - that said nothing rude please ;)
  • Rebel says: I've loved this over the last couple of years. Anything for me please! :)
  • TnoP says: Nothing rude please - too many witnesses. Other than that, easily pleased. Merry Fetchmas!!
  • Littleclown says: thank you SS, received safe and sound - you know who you are! ;-)
  • FairWeatherRunner says: Hit me with anything!
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