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  • HappyG(rrr) says: I'm a "tentative" but would love to get some/all of the usual crew who go to Stirling to come up to A/deen instead. Weekend in the Silver City anyone?! :-)G
  • tikkisue says: I will deff be there and run ma socks off for a good time
  • dave_m says: Great idea Nywanda. Count me in.
  • mrs shanksi says: This is a great idea! I'm hoping I could run a mile in ~ 7 minutes. Will be great to meet new Fetchies and finally get that PB on the Fetch profile :-)
  • Holburnmum says: looking forward to this one, noe I know a few ppl and Im not so shy ! lol
  • sheri3004 says: My best mile time in training is 8:09 (but not a flat out effort) so I'd be hoping for under 8 minutes. Really looking forward to it now, and to meet some new people :)
  • halfpint says: I love it when a plan comes together! Might not be able to run it but will come along anyway to timekeep, eat, blether.....
  • Tomsmum says: Joining bascially for RitchieC as I am apparently his social sec
  • Thistle. says: Such a great idea - PLEASE don't change the date lol.... ta
  • Corrah says: I'll so be in the slow group :)
  • Donstar says: Can you please pass the details of this run onto all members - 5K Charity fun run at the Duthie Park on 1st April 2012 -

    Since the standard for tracks built in the last 20+ years is 400M, then you must go 9.344 metres further than 4 laps. Over 90% of the outdoor tracks in existence are only 400M and will thus require the extra 9.344 metres to equal a true mile.

    This is why most track meets only run the 1500M or the 1600M and not the mile. Unfortunately, most people erroneously assume that 4 laps equal a mile, due to older tracks being built to a non-metric standard of 440 yards.

    If you want to finish on the common start/finish line and you'd like to run/walk a mile, then you should start at the beginning of the 4x400M relay exchange zone, which is 10 meters before the finish line. By doing that you will run/walk about 1 metre more than 1 mile, but you won't be short of a mile, as you would be if you only do 4 laps.
  • shanksi says: I'm just in the group to make up the numbers ;)
  • Mother Duck says: I could pop my head in here too and have another bash at that dreaded track!
  • Hamster1207 says: Just to confirm I'll see you all there but I won't be going for food afterwards. Looking forward to it though as I've never run a single mile before. Thanks a bunch to everyone involved. Today was a great day.
  • manders says: this will be my first mile so looking for about a 12 min one but not promising, lol
  • snakeeyes says: hello, just joined fetch, when is the next mile?
  • Weekatiepea says: Hello, I've just joined Fetch and look forward to joining you to find out my 1 mile PB (and to meet you all of course!)
  • Smout says: Joining in the hope I can make it one day :)
  • DoricQuine says: ........ slow and proud :)
  • Kynon says: Hello - not a terribly new runner, but been out of practice for a while. Target for the mile - sub 6 minute.
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