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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Group: Fetch Lazybones

11 members [See all]

If you tend to talk yourself out of things, and need someone to take a firm grip of your mojo, then the Lazybones gang will be just your cup of tea. Every day, a new Pesterer will be on your case. Be prepared for a variety of styles, from the unsophisticated four-letter approach; reverse psychology; sideways psychology; and any number of as yet undiscovered persuasion techniques. Go on, press that button, you worthless maggot. Etc.

Watch your fmail each day for messages from your pesterer! Expect anything, but do send some feedback if you think someone has gone too far.

NB If you have not visited the site for more than a month, you will be automatically removed from these groups.

Notes from Members

  • Big Al Widepants says: I run every day but it never gets any easier. A few encouraging words go a long way.
  • snogard says: Getting to taper time and I am struggling to complete the last of the long runs.
  • cackleberry says: I've joined up, lets see what happens... I'm very good at procrastinating.
  • SLJ says: Just coming to the end of a week off running as it's been a rare very long work week. Aiming to run my first half in late Oct/Nov so want to get back on track!
  • Longwayround [LWR] says: I'm rediscovering my mojo.
  • jessjayne says: Been away for awhile due to Illness & Injury. Finding it very difficult to get motivated and running again Help
Group admin: fetcheveryone

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