Group: Fetch 1 Mile Challenge - London

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<big><a href="">Battersea Park Athletics Track<br></a>
<small>Next date:</small><br>
Sat 28th September 2013 3pm <p>

<B>Distance: 1 single mile... 1,609 metres... 5,280 ft... 63,360 inches<br>
<a href=""></a> <p>

Winner: slap on the back and the title 'Fastest Fetchie Miler'<br>
Everyone else: the chance to race a mile, something that isn't easily done outside fancy track meets.<p>

Notes from Members

  • John66 says: I'm going to kick Max's arse. Not ass. Don't think she's going to bring a donkey. Hope I don't get my foot stuck :-)
  • Night-owl says: can't wait for this now, its so exciting :)
  • JEJ says: Will run to 1209 in 3:44
  • Making_Tracks says: Need me to handout the Jelly Babies at the 4, 280ft mark? Nope - OK I'll run and prove it's cool to be lapped.
  • Siamese Pete says: I'm not sure I'll need the 4 beers to chuck up
  • mxhornet says: I'll be the one furthest away from their pb
  • K8 says: day after work christmas social.... could be messy
  • RFJ says: Beware the ground may tremble if I run at pace..... may need the long/triple jump area as an escape bay to stop my heavy frame...... RFJ jnr will also be in attendance and may well try to beat me in the mile..... (he has a PB of 2:48 in the 800m earlier in the summer and I think he has got much stronger since then...)

    Look forwards to coming and to meeting you all.
  • More of a Tortoise says: Apparently the Oxford social are decamping here and I have to run!! Will there be a prize for slowest Fetchie over a mile??
  • Stet says: Never raced a mile, can't wait for this!
  • youlooktired says: hi there!
    do I have to do anything else to enter this or will I just pop along?
  • wizlyn says: GOK what I'm going to do this in... relieved it's only really an excuse for cake @ windmill. JEJ: i'd try your training tips, but fear my health/sanity and everything in between...
  • JessM says: I might even make it this time, although I'm hoping to sell my house and have to make an effort to get there rather than the 20 min jog that I didn't manage in December
  • kink bunny says: um maybe :)
  • Runs With Coyotes says: Do I get a prize for traveling from 5,000 miles away to run?
  • Treacle says: OK - will try and get a bit closer to 7mins. Ouch
  • Big Scone says: How many people are trying to do a 5 min mile?
  • Ginnersinner says: Since I'm in work that day seems opportune to try a mile!!
  • sallykate says: let me eat cake!
  • Bintmcskint says: I'm in. :-)
  • Enthusiastic! says: Motivated by the beer opportunities post mile :-)
  • controversial says: 5.02 target for me!
  • jwellis says: Looking forward to only having to run a mile for a change!
  • Lalli says: Lalli-clan will bloomin' make it for December! :-)
  • SharonD says: Someone remind me to move into lane 1 after the first bend;-)
  • poppyH says: Oooh go on then, just to fill in another of those pesky pink boxes.
  • Musical Journey says: I might even smile if its only a mile muppet
  • Monkey_75 says: yey!! I can make this one!! *starts stretching now*
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