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Here is my post run yoga routine I've been asked about by various Fetchies and have now documented to share with you. Feel free to use - I find this is fantastic for sorting out my legs particualrly after long runs and will take 20- 30 minutes to complete! I usually do whilst I'm waiting for my bath to fill up or you can do afterwards if you prefer to freshen up first!

I''ve downloaded the routine into a shared google document (see link below). It does seem to take a while to download so some patience needed. I'll fmail all the people who initially showed an interest. If you'd prefer me to send it to you as a Word document fmail me your email address. Please feel free to join this group anad ask any questions.

Notes from Members

  • geordiegirl says: Thanks Karen I'll see if I can print the docs & will aim to start doing this now & be in the swing when I can finally start running again. :)
  • plodding hippo says: hm, i cant get the document link to work either
  • HappyG(rrr) says: Already got the doc from you Karen. Thanks! :-)G
  • Fright_freak says: Maybe there's something wrong with my google chrome browser or my firewall at work but I can't get to that document you've linked...Anyone else?
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