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Chasing a sub-45 for 10k?

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  • Night-owl says: This has been a long term goal, 1st must run 5km under 22:30 if i can't do that, i can't do this. And i don't believe in can't. Where's them trainers
  • sugs says: Have done PB 49 so the next big aim would be 45 hopefully next year
  • Um Bongo says: One of my remaining targets this year is a sub 45 10k. I should have got it in July but work commitment stopped my PB attempt. Target to do it this month of next as i have 3 flat races booked
  • Mutant Calfs says: got below 50 earlier this year, onto my next challenge!
  • patch68 says: sub 45 hopeing for sub 40 :~)
  • davec says: did it at last, southend 10k 43m 48secs
  • Charlie Chaplin says: PB is 47.10 with a recent best of 48.15. I would like to do this before a fast approaching birthday of some significance in June next year.
  • Cats Whiskers says: Managed 45:48 last year, off the back of a terrible start (started way back and spent the first km dodging manically from side to side) and my usual erratic pacing. Would love to think sub-45 is possible...
  • smoke free says: just coming to the end of year one of running. pb 47:27 but going for 45 in 2008
  • T Bow says: been runing for two years now and starting to see some benefite on times did hilly course in 47.43 so hoping for sub 45 on flatter course, i can but try! its always good to aim somewhere!!
  • Blue Buxton says: Did it about 11 years ago, would love to reach those heady heights again...
  • thechunkygentleman says: Need to take 2:35 off my time to go sub 45. Thats going to be my task for 2010. In the meantime, lots of miles to get properly fit....
  • fleety says: Today I went from 45.30 down to 43.56, - just go for it and keep an even pace!
  • ydaho says: Done 47:41 at Sheffield GYR 10k, September 2008. Strated too slowly, lack of confidence in my training! Want to smash 45 minutes in a years time.
  • SilentTim says: I did it! 44:56 in the Warrington 10k. Only four seconds, but hoping to knock some more off next time :D
  • tim77 says: I have just joined the sub 50 miute 10k club with a 48.33 now my aim is a sub 45 by the end of the year is this possible? I hope so.
  • AdrianR says: My current PB is 49:15 so some way to go, but I knocked 4 mins off my PB last year so it is possible.
  • Vicksta says: Have done 45:38 as a split time for 10K during a HM. Surely, but surely I should be able to go a bit quicker for just a 10K?
  • auburnette says: Going to get this by the end of 2010.

    Current 10k PB is 48.42. Have run 44 min odd in the London Tri (which was short) but think this is doable with some training modifications.
  • GlennR says: Should be doable during 2011.
  • Mr. K. says: Currently at 48.41 - looking at being sub 45 by end of April 09
  • Mark_S says: I ran 47:45 on 27-07-08, I hoped to see an improvement before the end of the year but I have no plans for a 10k until next spring.
  • Paul Salmon says: Fordingbridge Fire Station 10K 6.21 00:48:00 00:46:56 - Next time going under 45 ( if it kills me )
  • ifor says: Done. Smashed it down to 43:09. Bit of a surprise. Flat 4-lap course at triathlon (no I only did the running!!!!). Very pleased. PB had stood for 5 years.
  • Mr_SJ says: ******* ive done it !!!!!! 44:56 at the blyth 10k 26 april 2009 *******
  • Anna Bomb says: So near yet so far on my last attempt 45:19, determined to get it beforethe end of the year but running out of races, the most recent I entered got cancelled at the lst minute.
  • CornishEva says: hoping to do this before the end of the year. Have knocked 6 mins off in the 4 months so just need to keep working hard!
  • Alfadan says: I know I have it in me to get there!!
    Well I've just done 44:23 on a treadmill last night, need to transfer that to the roads now.
    Yay, managed it at the Dorney Dash, 44:46, woo hoo, next is a sub 44.
  • coyley1 says: Recently did a 10 miler and clocked my time at 10k at 43 minutes. Then last week I did a 5 mile club handicap in 32:44 basically becasue I tagged onto one of the club quicks and held on for dear life. Last time I did a 10k I did 45:01! I was devasted as my watch said sub 45 but it wasn't a chip time race. I must be on for it I'm searching for a 10k in the midlands. Bring it on.
  • dave the flower says: It's just a matter of time - and the right race.
  • becca7 says: PB of 47.31 was set on an overlength course. Pace was 4.33 per kilometre.
  • leg-iron says: finally dipped under the 45 minute mark in a time of 44:23 at the Swindon 10k yesterday
  • darl0 says: Managed to get sub 46 during 2008, so sub 45 is one of my goals for 2009 - Completed 08/Jul/09, the trick now will be to do it again!!
  • Xan says: I would love to run a sub 45 10K, PB of 45:37 at the Trafford 10K on March 2009 which is a fast course.
  • Hackett says: First 10km race in my training was the Caudwell 10km - beddington and managed 46:06 .. best training 5km is 22:58. So how can I get under the 45 ... more speed and fartlek runs ?!?!!
  • run-forest-run says: Not long joined fetch, few 10 k's last year 47 - 48m but not done one for a while. would deerly love a sub 45, going for Fradley 10 k in march, anyone want the same ?.......Now in the Sub 45 club 44m-18s Yipee
  • iPLOD says: 44.52 Eynsham 10k November 2009! What's next?
  • Moza says: My goal for the Year is a 45 min 10k. Need to train for it!
  • Kallywag says: Have just gone 47:02 so this is looking achievable ... one day!
  • MelWhiteley says: Current PB 46.29 After the marathon in Nov, will focus on 10K before hitting training for VLM...
  • JamesRD says: Need a target and this one seems quite popular so I'll give it a go... Haven't run a 10 k race yet but recently completed a 5 mile in 38 mins so I need to run a little bit faster for a little bit longer - that doesn't sound too hard....
  • Tav H says: I only have a sub-50 so far, and see sub-45 as at least a 1-year target (from now, August 2009). Next mini-target is sub-48, just need some 10k's to sign up to!
  • justgary82 says: sub 45 is my dream!!
  • CottamRunner says: Did it! PB'd by almost 2 mins 30 in the Wesham 10k on Sat (28/11/09) at 42.47 . . . :O)
  • al d 46 says: 46.08 in my first 10k in 19 years, hope to break 45 soon.
  • gazzata says: I used to be member of the "wouldn't it be nice to run a sub 40 10 k club" but as its years since I ran 42,30 and my last 10 k was just under 50, I think this must be me new spiritual quest.
  • Pickles says: current pb is 48:55 but that was done with a damaged achilles. think i can go the extra 4 mins when healthy. we'll see
  • steptoe says: pb is 37 07 run in early 1990 but after long layoff due to accident recent best is 51mins in 2008
  • Yorky says: Aiming to get a sub 45 by the end of 2010. Not sure if I have it in me but going to try.
  • Coopz says: Just joined group. Got down from near 56 mins 2 years ago to 45' 37" in July. Regularly around the 46-47 mark and now looking for the big one - sub 45. Hopefully soon!
  • puzzler says: Current PB is 48.05 but that's best of 3 and all run when not very fit. Recovering from injury now so sub 45 10k looks like a reasonable goal
  • Arjin says: Ran a sub 20:30 5k, so gotta be able to do this now!!
  • Marchbanks says: Really going to go for it this year. PB 45:12. You'd think 13 secs would be easy to shave off wouldn't you!!
  • Hickerton says: Yay - did it yesterday. 44.22 in the Lincoln 10k. This was over 2 mins off my PB and is a result of 3 runs a week marathon training (1 speed, 1 tempo and 1 long).
  • The Terminator says: AM going to kick Llanelli's arse
  • Hicky says: I spent about 6 months in the sub-50 10k group with a PB of 51.22. Now I'm at let's get rid of those 44 seconds!!
  • tipsku says: PB currently at 45:09, a nice surprise last April when I thought I might go sub 46 and then got so close to the 45. Will try to do that later this spring.
  • leejprice says: Managed to reach this milestone last week! Ran the DK 10k in 44:46. Hurrah to me.
    Training intervals did wonders for my speed endurance.
    Set your Garmin to alert you every half mile - do 2 miles steady then when the meter hits 2.2 or 2.3 go hell for leather until the next half mile alert - have a rest until you get to 2.8 and then go again. I then had a mile or so at steady again and did the same at 4.2 -4.5 and 4.8-5miles - then another mile steady.
    Really helped me build up my strength and confidence.
    I didnt get too carried away with what speed to do, just went as fast as I could!

    Now ive done it onc, got to do it again! Phew!
  • Nellers says: I'm within a minute of this from last year's October PB so hopefully the winter/spring of marathon training will tip me over the edge soon. Good luck everyone!
  • Shabs says: PB is 44.45. so scrapping in...that was a few years and 10kgs ago so 10 weeks till i try again!!!
  • oumaumau says: Im targeting the Brooks Brighton 10k, Nov 20th. Just a few marathons to get out of the way first :)
  • RichHL says: I gave myself a target at the beginning of the year of breaking 45:00 for 10k by the end of the 2011. I'm on 49:20 now. I need a concerted effort now to get there.
  • Vicir says: My current 10k PB is 45.34 and it's now about 3 years old. It's about time I beat it I think!
  • pilatesgirl says: 45 (even better sub-45) by 45-years-old is the dream! Currently 43 and PB of 47.33 with 5K PB of 22.04 and chipping away at times for various distances with combo of club training and mid-life crisis desperation to defy ageing.
  • Sweatytrainers says: Hunting it down....
  • MidgeRunner says: I managed to push myself to 44:16 PB but it was PAINFUL. I wish to acheive that again but more comfortably and hopefully with better training. My average for this distance is about 47 mins.
  • gambrinus says: Best 5km time is 23.29, and I was hanging out of my arse after that. But it's good to have an optimistic goal.
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