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I thought it would be great to get in touch with some Universities around the UK and see if any of them would be interested in doing a study into coaching techniques and optimum training methods, using Fetchies as their guinea pigs. If you'd like to be involved, sign up to this group.

Notes from Members

  • makkem says: Count me in, Bristol Uni has excellent training facilities. Not sure about a running track though.
  • hammerite says: University of Bedfordshire and Nottingham Trent Uni have both made requests for runners to help them from my running clubs. They may be doing some other research.

    Or.......... perhaps between a good number of us we can donate a few quid and sponsor someone through their PhD if they research something we (or perhaps RW!) want results for....
  • Miss Piggy Wiggy says: Fetc have you tried UWIC they are always looking for new challenges.
  • Gus says: I'm interested but might skew the results being an old lady.
  • Mrs Muckyhands says: I'd be interested but I'm cr*p :-)
  • o legs says: i'd love being a gp
  • mxhornet says: Do colleges count ?
  • hls says: I may be too late, I couldn't tell if this was still ongoing. I dont have contacts but in York we have the main University and we also have what was the College of Ripon & York St John. I am just starting out so would be happy to volunteer, I am still struggling to get past a sporadic jog/walk and any training gratefully received.
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