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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Group: Banishing the Baby Belly

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Welcome !
Only those dissatisfied with their 'bum tum'. post-natal veranda over the toyshop. If the only muscles in your stomach are Moules marinere, sign up here to do something about it.
Doesn't matter if you had your baby weeks* ago or years ago (or if you haven't had any, you just have a gut!). Feel free to join up.
(*please check with your dr/midwife that you are safe to exercise please !)

We are going to stop moaning about it and try some core exercises !
We will try for at least 1 month to see if it makes a difference, after which time you can:
a] give up, continue moaning and wearing magic knickers.
b] keep going - it took at least 9 months to get the gut, it might take the same to lose it :)

Take a photo to record the true extent of bum tum, measure your tummy - hide the records in a secret place (or post them in the gallery/on your blog!)

Exercises - don't know yet will check the plank thread and get back with a sensible suggestion. Probably 10 minutes core work each day, like a Plank-A-Thon.
Join the group and I will fmail details once I've gathered my thoughts (and taken my photos!).

Log your training here:

Notes from Members

  • pinkladykat says: 4 children twin girls and youngest is 8, 3 c sections so lets try this
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