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  • Dvorak says: Just missed out in October (2:00:32 at a very windy Jedburgh). Achieved in tenth HM in November (1:58:50 in ideal conditions in Valencia).
  • Running Wilbury says: Recently ran 1.59.28 on an undulating course (Barns Green). Running Gosport next week. Any bets on how much time I can shave off the Barns Green time?! Will then be hibernating into marathon training. Schedule suggests attempting a 1.50 half marathon at some point along the way.
  • paskha says: I have done it but I'm not consistent - I know what training I have to do for me - it involves getting fitter (50 miles pw on the bike) and lighter ... I've done it 6 times out of 42 ... and I will always want to do it again!!
  • Bex66 says: just got a new PB of 2:13:08, so guess this is the next goal!! Will try to go sub-2:10 on 11th Nov as first step
  • Sazzahazza says: I'm a long way off being a sub 2hrs half girl (well 15mins, 42 secs to be precise) but am aiming for it this year :-) Hopefully i can leartn some tips/advice from those who are there and want to share the speedy training love :-)
  • ButterflyLou (MrsMothy) says: Hi all. I'm a fairly new fetchie but after doing a 2hrs 5min half in October '07shaving off an impressive 13 minutes since the previoius March at Milton Keynes I am keen to beat 2 hours this year! I'm running Silverstone on 9th March but from looking at my long run splits I'm not back to the pace I was in October as have been ill a couple of times around christmas which cut out about a month in total from my training. Thinking about trying another early summer before the Great Eastern again in October but as I'm in Peterborough it needs to be flat for me to get a PB!!
  • Tav H says: 2:00:02 at Reading! Arrgh! I've got Bracknell on 27/04 so I'll have another crack then. OK maybe not, last year taken up with moving job and house, hopefully up to sub-2 condition by the autumn to have a crack at the Cardiff half.
  • RunnyBunny says: I've done 4 halves, ranging from 2:05:06 (Great Eastern 08) to 2:00:47 (Newark 08). So I'm close. Have entered Newark this year and will probably do Mansfield too. Missed again at Stratford (that hill in the middle needs flattening, and the sun could have done with being turned down a bit).
  • mothrunner says: Doing my first half later this year, so not sure yet what time is realistic, but would really like to get under 2 hours. If not this time then sooner or later!

    ** Update 30 May 2009 ** I DID IT!! My second half at Reading, finished in 1:55:58, more than 10 minutes faster than my previous time!! Now, my next challenge is a sub-50 10k.
  • Big Jules says: ** Updated 17 November **
    I'VE DONE IT ... I'VE DONE IT! 1hr 55mins ... a whole 7 minutes off my previous PB and time for this course (St Neots Riverside half marathon). It's not been easy but at least I know that my hard work has paid off. Long training runs on your own is good for self-motivation, and lots and lots of tempo runs help. Good luck everyone, I'm now working towards a 1hr 50min half ;o)

    I've been chasing this goal for almost a year now, gradually knocking of the odd minute here and there, being a good fetchie and doing my hill training and speedwork but, alas, that 2hr wall still stands in my way. So, this year, I have recorded two PBs at 10K distance and have three half marathons planned ... it's gotta happen now, surely.
  • Slowly But Shirley says: ... just 1 second under would do me! Nearest I've got is 2:03 and practically killed myself on flat course doing so, so not sure if sub 2hr is possible for me. But you gotta have a dream ...
  • Krissie says: Got closer today at Kenliworth - 2.03.41 :-)
  • kayos says: DId Mick and Phil half in 2:04:36 !! sooo close and if it hadnt been for the rain and cold could I have done it? who knows. Need to train a little more and try and get my pace up a little more as well.
  • Coopz says: Hi all, another new fetchie, but determined to complete a first half marathon in 2009 and under 2 hours if at all possible. I've run mainly 10ks to this point (started in June this year) and have got down to just under 51 minutes. Would also like to do a sub 50 10k next year as well. Happy New Year to everyone!
  • beginner1 says: So close at SYH though didn't realise until end!
    Can I do it at Sheffield half or Potters arf?
  • stockie says: hi all. Have done a 2.07 half about 4 years ago but nothing since. Had the big 50 birthday in dec so have set myself challenge to try and get under 2hrs this year. Have signed up for Sheffield in Apr to give me a goal, then hopefully get under later in the year. Any advice always welcome.
  • JPG says: I've ran a 2:13 half but I'm hoping to get closer to 2 hrs this year - would Love to get under 2
  • Ogden Runner says: Having joined Sub 50 10k group it goes hand in hand with my efforts to achieve a sub 2 hour half marathon. I only need to shave 4 mins 7 secs off my 10k pb and 5 mins 57 secs off my half marathon pb to achieve both goals ! If only it was that easy ? I WILL get there - watch this space ! UPDATE 10/05/09: Cracked it - 1hr 59m 45s at the Leeds half Marathon!
  • justgary82 says: did 1:58 at the ards on today (2/08/09) really think i can break 1hr 55 now!
  • becca7 says: Achieved at last in half marathon number 12! Started 2009 with a 2.22 pb. Got that down to 2.06 in April. Worked on speed subsequently and got to 2.01 in August, run in baking heat with a couple of walk breaks and matched this time at the Robin Hood. Finally got sub-2 at Run to the Beat, possibly the least likely race for me to have done this in, and again at Keyworth Turkey Trot when not expecting it.
  • Baigrie says: Got to get 4 minutes 30 seconds off! Why does it sound so easy when it is an age!
  • dollyg says: I have done 4 HMs since Dec08 and 2 have been sub 2hrs (1.56 and 1.58). Both have been on courses with hills on - Watford and Wycombe. My goal is the 1hr 45/50min bracket which I would like to achieve this year.
    Berlin half completed in1:52:56
  • Always last says: Having only run 2 half so far (Surrey Badger and Barns Green) with a PB of 2:13:30 ish, maybe I should try a flat course for a faster time? ;-)
  • Markleighevans says: Yipeee!! managed to do it on first attempt. Stuck to a Runnersworld smartcoach training plan, paced myself at 9:08 a mile and managed to do the Cardiff Half in 1:59:30. Chuffed. Not sure what next though?
  • Roma says: Did my first half in 2003 at the age of 45, 2.30. Have done many since and times came down to the 2.10 mark. Achieved 2.07 on a flat course in 2008. At the beginning of 2009 lost a stone in weight (wasn't huge to start with) but boy has it helped! Did 2.03 in April, and the magic 1.59 in September. Wooo hooo!
  • millicat says: Would love to do a half again. Ten years ago I could run 1.39 for a half. Then went back to uni and 2 years later had a child. Result not done much since. Watch this space...
  • johnnyh says: chuffed to say i've completed in 1h 56mins 26 secs
  • caw says: Best time so far 2:02:25. Going to try for sub 2 hours on the Great North Run!
  • Girlie says: After getting 2:06:18 at GER 2010 I'm not homing in on this target and feel able to join this group now.
  • Mel Munday says: Finally did it in Cardiff in October!! Phew...
  • Bastow2106 says: Greetings to all. Completed the Conwy Half Marathon in 1:59:40. First ever race, just entered it for a personal giggle and found I loved it. Now got some 10k's coming up and a 10 miler later in the year. Am I too late for London and the biggy ?
  • chrisgil says: On the flattest course imaginable in Lydd, I managed to sneak in eight seconds under the two hours! I need a lie down.
  • Karen S says: One of my 2011 targets!!
  • Lady S says: a goal for 2011 definately!
  • Strutbrother says: I have actually run under two hours for a half on seven occasions but haven't managed it since 2007. This year is the year I really knuckle down and get enough training done to get back under the magic 2 hour barrier, hopefully! First attempt will be at Fleet on March 20th, fingers crossed!

    Yeah! Done it! Fleet Half yesterday, came in at 1:55:25, well chuffed. All that training has paid off!
  • Nicholls595 says: Getting closer! New PB 2:01:51 at Worksop 2012. Just 3 weeks after marathon debut, didn't set out to chase PB but found myself running well. Was on track to break the elusive 2 hours until about 10.5 miles. Definitely on the cards for 2013
  • Nicholas8885 says: Completed a first half marathon in Bahrain in January 2011 in 2h22m... Now training for 2nd half in Chippenham (11.09.11) and aiming to beat 2 hours.
  • macapple says: Sub 2 hour is just a pipedream for now. Have 2 halfs lined up this year and would like to finish the first in ~2h10 and would love to go sub 2 in the Great Eastern but only time will tell. Training for the 2nd one is going to be sporadic with being away lots and the kids being off school but I can dream x
  • westmoors says: Finally achieved this at Downton Half on 30th November 2014. Official time 1:59:54. Hope to prove it wasn't a fluke in one of my four half marathons I've already entered for 2015.
  • High Plain Drifter says: First half was 2h 15m, had a shocker but it's all part of the learning curve I guess; second half 6 months later got it down to 1h 58m. Dead chuffed with that. Have to say I think the Garmin Forerunner helped massively, no more sprinting off doing a daft first 6 miles then crawling round the last 7.
  • Alleykat says: Hi fellow fetchies. I would love to be able to run a sub 2 half marathon. My PB is 2:06, achieved in March this year. Next half coming up in Bournemouth in 2 weeks. Wish me luck!!
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