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please join if

a- you can help, more the merrier>noiser etc

b- you are running and want to anything left at fetchponit for collection


Sandra :)

Notes from Members

  • Ribenaface (RFSQL) says: Am running, will probably hand in some junk food for the stash!
  • Blind Ken says: Hope to be there in support. Never done Fetch Point before but appreciated it in VLM, so will try to reciprocate.
  • McNewbie says: quite keen to hand my drink in to fetchpoint the day before, as well as donate sweets as per last year - thanks for sorting all this out, santa, you're a saint :) xx
  • Podkin says: fetchpointing and taking photos :)
  • pinkladykat says: im running will hand gooddiees in
  • Ted says: running, may drop stuff off although I may only need a kick up the arse with only 3Mi still to go ;) as long as it's not from Dave A, he will have his work boots on :P
  • SpicedApple says: I'll need foooooood. :-)
  • TnoP says: I'm running and only turning up on Sun morning but would like to donate to Fetchpoint. No idea how?
    Thanks Santa - brilliant support!!
  • Running Beer says: Running and I am sure I will need an energy boost so will drop some contributions off to collect at fetchpoint. Ta Santa.
  • Dave A says: Santas bitch
  • Tiggia says: I will be Fetchpointing, kicking people up the arse and shouting abuse. In a loving way, obv...
  • Triplet Dad says: I'm running, I will bring goodies to the drop off point.
  • Gaubfar says: will be running in Yaxley top, will need cheering on like Ted
  • officebased says: I am running, might be walking 3m to go though, will need food and a kick up the arse
  • Johnny Blaze says: Running. Well, more like stumbling.
  • josieT says: Running! Will drop some juice with you for fetchpoint if I can! Arriving on Sunday morning but ill seek you out! That'd be great and look forward to great fetchie support along the way! Can't wait now :)
  • auburnette says: halloooo! I am running :) I would like to leave a packet of shot blox and perhaps some pringles (?!?!) but other than that hopefully will just need a cheer ;)
  • union says: running and hoping for a sub 3.15 and if all the gods smile on me somewhere nearer the 3
  • Rents says: I'm not fetchpointing but Mrs RB is :)
  • JaneyM says: Would like to come and help out at Fetchpoint - where, when, what do I do? New to Fetchpoint but dead keen to help! Just let me know details. Cheerie
  • mydodgyfeet says: I'm new too but would love to help.
  • Wriggling Snake says: Coming up on Friday, will run with a camelbak, probably won't need anyhting, but might change my mind :-). Will/where do we meet before the start?
  • Philippe Flop says: Probably won't need anything other than a hug but will think of something to donate.
  • HappyG(rrr) says: Fetchpointing - fetching, transporting and chucking jelly babies. Oh and shouting! :-)G
  • speedyfish says: I will look forward to meeting Fetchies - good luck to all Fetchies running xxxxx
  • katypie says: running, if I am smiling then cheer if I'm not kick my ass. :)
  • Celtic_Jester says: Hi, will be running and wearing my Yorkhill Hospital Vest rather than Fetch vest, but all support, jelly babies and cheers will be most welcome. Good luck to all other Fetchies. Nick
  • torsparkles says: Injury means I'm gonna have to pull out this year but I am happy to come help :)
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