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For those who relish the prospect of 3:30 km reps and then somehow stringing five of them together.

Notes from Members

  • Stet says: 17:43. A new pb and getting closer to 17:29! How's everyone else doing?
  • mxhornet says: A nice target for me to aim at. Not been that quick for a good few years now.
  • XT2runner says: my main target for 2010
  • Ventilator says: There is no logical reason why I think I can achieve this target, other than the fact that I am nearly 40 and I want to have one last crack at seeing how well I can do - this must be my mid life crises, which I guess is cheaper than a Porsche !
  • Alex Patton says: Have managed 17:48 and 17:37 in 2010, but will have to wait till 2011 to have another go...
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