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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Group: Fetcheveryone Wristbands

26 members [See all]

If you think having Fetcheveryone Wristbands is a good idea then please sign up

Notes from Members

  • SarahWoo says: Silicon or sweatband, I'd buy one
  • stubanch says: leather for me
  • Argie says: yes I want a sweaty unhygienic wrist. Plus I don't care who dies making them.
  • Nick Cook says: sweat band type for me
  • Naomi P says: I'd get a silicon one. Not a sweatband one, I'd rather look 90s than 80s..
  • Cabbey says: Silicon
  • Meglet says: silicone preferred, especially if can include ID, but would buy either
  • SiPod says: I would have to go silicon(e)?
  • oumaumau says: Yes please
  • AdminLiz says: yes please!
  • Nightjar says: Silicon. With my parkrun barcode on it :-)
  • ♪♫ Synge ♪♫ says: Don't know how old this Group is, but I've added a suggestion to the suggestions box (June 2019).
Group admin: Magbag