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For those of us who dream of doing going sub 40 and will be training hard to do so in the near future.

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  • RunGaryRun says: Going for it in 2009! PB is 40.32
  • RobK says: My PB is 49:50... was hoping to go 45 but... what the heck... may as well try for sub 40!! bring it on!
  • SiLeeds says: Used to be Sub 40 before 2000 and now hope to get back there :)
  • jazz says: Have been trying to do sub 40 now for ages, best is 40.30
  • padoir noir says: Ran 41.50 at Greyabbey 10K (July 2010). I'm only a couple of months back after injury and not quite back to my PB (41.12 Seeley Cup, Dec 2009).
    Half Marathon training until September so not much chance of reducing the 10K time before then. That leaves 2 months until Seeley Cup 2010 to take 2 minutes off my PB...pipe dream?
  • Mal says: Outside chance of it happening in my next race, definitely gunning for it in my early Feb 10k though.
  • Son of a Pronator Man says: done it on 19/09/10 :)
  • Jezzer says: Only ran one 10 km this year because of marathon training and did 40:09 at end of November. I will do it next year!
  • Southampton Tony says: 40.04 in a hot 10K in 2007 (that one weekend of nice weather we had!). It's gotta be 39.something this year
    **** UPDATE - Ran 38.37 at the Totton 10K, goal achieved! Now onto the next... ****
  • BigEvilC says: went from 49.48 to 42.35 in 2007 - hope to crack 40 this year or close.
  • Sandpitt says: Realistic target I hope. Currently 42:24 from 47:01 back in August '07 so if I can continue never know!
  • paul the builder says: Joined the group when I got my PB of 43-ish in mid-2007. Marathon training in the main saw this come agonisingly close to sub-40 twice (40:05, 40:02) in 2008. Then, post-marathon, a month of focusing on speedwork on top of the big endurance base has converted that in to 37:57. Moral - Marathon training and 10km training aren't very compatible, don't try to do both at once.
  • Jiffy says: Done...this morning ;)
  • madaddo says: Had a close shave at my first real attempt - 40:00 was the official time - but the clock on top of the car read 39:58 as I crossed the line! GUTTED! That was last Easter Sunday (2007), and I still ain't done it.

    Roll on this Easter Sunday - that's my target race again (North Tyneside) - look out for me at around the 40 min mark! (hopefully before that)
  • Keefy Beefy says: This is the current aim but it will be bloody hard!!!
  • TRO Saracen says: POsted a 41:16 at Flitwick 20 April (20:12 at 5k). Undulating course got to me, but I was not in 40:00 shape. However close enough to think a few more weeks training and a flat course might see a realistic chance. UPdate: YES YES YES!!!!! 39:50 at the Bushy 10k. Hot day, was nicely paced throughout and hung on.
  • Limpet says: The Sub 40 has eluded me for some time, 40:06 is as close as I have got. The time is now close for it to fall, Dec 14th 2008!
  • The Teaboy says: Just done sub-20 5k. Time to double up. Currently in sub-42 form, but without the PB to show for it, and won't have that until May...
  • Glen Bulb says: Got my 10k time down to 40.28. I'm going all out to get under 40 mins in 2008. First attempt Lincoln 10k on 30 March
  • Woffy says: Haven't broken 40 mins in about 9 years so 2009 is hopefully about time to get the legs moving again
  • Vindicator says: Set off at this pace at Ely10K 2008, but was burnt out by 3K. I think that I may have some work to do...
  • ThorntonRunner says: Only just spotted this! Did my first 10k in 40:01, and hadn't got within 50 seconds of that until the 2008 Desford 10k which I did in 40:17. Think I would have got it then if not for a driving headwind in last two miles. Now aiming for the Derby 10k on April 20th. That 40:01 has been bugging me for 2 years!
    UPDATE: Derby 10k - pb by 2 seconds, but that was enough - 39:59 - couldn't have cut it finer!!
  • Homer says: Only 3 minutes to loose
  • Shufflepuck Café says: Got a 41.30 in my first 10K race in 2008, and 40.46 in 2009. It is my hope that 2010 will finally be the year I smash the 40 minute barrier!
  • Windsor Wool says: took 3 mins off the PB to get to 38:02 earlier this year; the key for me was intervals but also going out in the race like I meant it. Funny that I can't run 5k at a much faster pace though!
  • Ricardo says: Well why the hell not. I have just got under 45 in my last one at 43:17 so have a bit of a way to go, but one needs goals in their life :)
  • Rossage says: current time: 37.54 for the woodbridge 10k
  • Ribenaface (RFSQL) says: I've been hovering just over 40 minutes this year. It needs doing. I ran 39.10 in Musselburgh last month but all those toting GPS said it was short, so I'm not counting that, sickening though that is. It'll get done, though.
  • 2old says: Not gone below 41 mins plus change as they say in the US, maybe this will be the year!
  • Joe Hawk says: This is down as one of my goals. Target achieved 39:27 not sure wear that came from :-)

    (8 min PB)
  • RYAN_M says: My 10k PB is 35.58 in Bangor (N.Ireland). I will be working hard to improve this!
  • johnymac says: Pb 40.52 will break 40mins in the next 6 months.
  • M62 Santa says: 40.43 is my PB - next chance to attempt this will be 2009. I'm sure I can do it.
  • Paulo23 says: I've done sub-40 once, but a while ago. I've had numerous attempts since and got to within 8 seconds of it. I haven't carried on the improvement though
  • ck1 says: Objective achieved 39.50 Dartford Bridge 10k-) ?
  • MADDOG says: When I was 16 my pb for 10k was 31:24, Im 40 now and only got back into running last year things not going so well cracked a bone in my neck but now been given all clear so come on 2010, its going to be tough but my aim in 6 months is sub 40 for 10k.
  • Pete the German says: (18.01.09) I will have my first serious try this year. Don't have a real personal best so far, but did 19.45 for 5K at the end of last summer.

    Update (25.02.09): 41:58 is my new personal best. Seems like there is some work to do as I overpaced in the beginning. Will have another try soon!!
  • MonkeyBoy24 says: i recentley got a sub 40 at beddington park 10k i got 38:52 my only pice of advice is fast 5ks and hilly 10k tranning. i never never even thought of doing a 5k tell i read it in runners world and tryed it it works trust me :D
  • GeoC says: Cracked the sub-45 recently in early Mar 09 with 44:42. Previous best in Mar 2008 was 51:42. By extrapolation I should do a 37:42 next will settle for a 39:59.999999999999 later this year.

    Eyeing up Nike 10K in Hong Kong for Nov 2009 - so have plenyy of time to train. I'll take on the advice of more hills and long intervals and supplement with more core and leg work.
  • alvinpurple says: I want to reach the magic sub 40 10k by the time I am forty.....unfortunately there is only 6 month to my PB is 43.33 I had better get my skates on, so to speak!
  • cawillemat says: Sub 40 is the aim for 2009! Got it down to 40:48 last time before marathon training took over. Ongar 10k on 5th July will be next attempt.
  • webby1 says: Trafford 10 k on Feb 21st ,best chance of getting closer to 40.
  • mass100 says: hoping to to sub 40 at langdale christmas pudding run.
  • davidwbush says: 4 attempts and best is 44 dead
  • timda says: my next race will be unless its a tri!!
  • Orlando84 says: I'd been trying to run sub 40 for two years, and got a string of sub 41s but could never quite do it. Then ran sub 40 on my way to a marathon without even realising it!
  • iPLOD says: Just cracked sub-45 (44.52) and there isn't a sub-44 group so I'd better join this one. Will see what happens! I've already taken 15 minutes off in as many months so I suppose anything's possible.
  • Robsta says: At Leeds Abbey 2009 jumped from 45.20 to 41.23 was looking for a sub 41 group but will just have to push myself a litt;e harder over the next 12 months, it's a big ask but if you don't ask you don't get.
  • Tumble says: 7 seconds to go
  • Lincs Blue says: Been foiled in my attempts at a sub 40 by a combination of hangovers and poor training. This yr I'm focused. Been doing some gym speed work couple with some long interval runs.

    Lincoln 10km here I come
  • Pizza Boy says: Woooo under the 40 now and ready to push on.

    Race plan - Hardish 1st mile at 6:05 then hung on in there at around 6:30 mile pace!
  • janeymck says: an 51 lst year.....had not been training too well..had an injury....happened again so will nit be able to do this in may but later in year def.was hoping for at best 45 but would love to do 40!
  • arbster says: 43:02 on a hot, hilly Standalone course, so next target is sub-40. Just need to find a nice flat course in the New Year.
  • KeefG says: Best is 42 mins but I live in hope...
  • Smout says: Post Lochaber 2011 marathon target was Sub 40 but maybe 2012..... Grangemouth on Sunday an the way things have been going - who knows!
  • JEB1974 says: Started running in January this year. I did a 46.53 in July then 44.06 in September, my only 2 10ks, so still a way off. Would love to get there eventually.
  • Paul N says: 10k pb is currently 42.34, would love to get to 39.59 by June '11, that would have seen me take 15 mins off in the year following my first 10k.

    Ha, it’s now June ‘20 and I’ve only just taken any time of that PB. The folly of yourh
  • Shoddy says: Last one was 40.23 in 2012, now back into the running training for a half and hoping to break the 40 minute barrier on my next 10K
  • Gozza says: Hi All,

    I've been trying to break sub 40 now for 8 years. I finally did it last weekend and smashed it, 38.10. Hoenstly thouht i would have done it last season but just kept missing out. Almost stopped trying bcoz of the disapoointment but glad i didn;t. Don't give up keep trying no matter how disheartened you get if you keep trying you'll get there.
  • nickyq says: Think I will be still dreaming about this at the end of the year but hey ho a girl can hope!!!! Currently at 42.07 but think there could be a little bit more in the legs. Finding a nice flat course is a bit of a job so will probably be waiting until the end of the year to give it a bash :-) Have managed bothe of my other goals ....sub 20 5km and sub 1:30 half.....just got to get this one now the make it a hat trick for the year!!!!
  • K-Bal says: PB at mo is 42:16 - looonnnggg way to go for a sub40! Wish me luck!
  • robbodj says: Have set a sub 40 10 k as my target for this year, recently did a race in 40.01, so close but so far
  • Marchbanks says: A long term goal for me
  • OVERTHELAST says: This is within my grasp and will therefore target this year's Abbey Dash in a positive frame of mind with a view to achieving a highly prized personal goal. Speed training is going well so far; here's hoping that the body holds up.
  • DeeGee says: Currently sub 42, but quicker than I believe
  • Johnwelshmorris says: finally got sub 40 today in helena tipping 10k wrexham! 38:11
  • Chalky87 says: did sub40 when I was a kid, then injury hit. now trying to get below the barrier again. 2013 will be that year!
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