Group: Fetch Everyone West Essex/East London Hard B*st*rds Mile

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Anyone interested just stick your names down, which will make it easier for contacting and organising..
The bringing of cayke is compulsarry
The bringing of fetchlettes is most welcome


Sat June 5th 2.00-4.00pm

Notes from Members

  • Eastham75 says: Will try to make it
  • Geprig says: I'll be there with sponge cake.
  • Marathon Mike says: Hi guys

    You are looking at the 15th of May at Woodford Green.

    Just to let you know that the track will be in use for the Essex County Championships on both the Saturday and the Sunday that weekend.
  • Nellers says: Probably me and the twins and possibly one other junior runner.
  • Tom Tom says: Will bring cake
  • Argie says: will turn up... in all probability. I rate this higher than Cambridge. I want medals so I do.
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