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  • Sloan says: The more yoga I do the better I feel, the secret is to make the time;-)
  • LorraineS says: I'm an ashtanga gal :)
  • plodding hippo says: I need to stop talking and start doing

    did eight months of three times a week, so no excuxses
  • Smile2 says: brilliant for the tight calves
  • gazzata says: Love my 20 minutes every morning. Really gets rid of the stiffness from day before.
  • MikeJ says: Been doing one class a week for last few months but don't even know which sort it is! That said it has helped my lower legs and back no end
  • KITCHEN says: Good for balance, breathing and stretching . Joint the Yogi at Newbury college
  • Karen S says: Have been practising yoga for 12years and tecahing for the past 5 (I'm a qualified Iyengar yoga instructor). Haven't had any form of injury during this time which I put down to yoga. I run a weekly class in Wakefield, West Yorks for anyone interested in complimenting their running with Yoga.
  • joolaroon says: I am a yoga teacher and a committed runner. I teach at and its great for recovery from a long run, or prep for a long run. Also builds core and upper body stregth to help with stamina for long distance. I also find the mindfulness helps you understand your body and listen to all those niggles nad try to correct your technique (not stop of course, never stop). It annoys me when yoga is seen as lieing around and chanting it can be challenging ang relaxing as well.
  • Jobe says: This is great for stretching and strenghtening those tired muscles !
  • JammyLu says: Just started yoga a couple of months ago and am sure its helping!
  • faithfulred says: Ashtanga Yoga makes me feel so much better!
  • Hee Jung says: I love the floaty feeling of a good Ashtanga practice...Lovely!
  • Bertee says: Used to do ashtanga daily and lapsed a few months ago. No idea why I lapsed cos I felt great. So starting again tomorrow morning and looking forward to it:)
  • Hedda says: I don't like it but I'm trying very hard to!
  • bellybaby says: just found a fab yoga podcast. Search for yogamazing and there's even a yoga for runners podcast!
  • Left Foot says: I am a Yoga and Pilates teacher and a runner, and have taught a lot of Yoga For Runners workshops and classes. Have been on Fetch for a while, but have just got around to joining this group!
  • Lyns says: attend an ashtanga mysore class once a week and generally feel guilty about not managing a daily practice the other days of the week
  • johnnyD says: been told by Physiotherapist that yoga will help my running and loosen up my hips, so here goes. Looking forward to trying something new for 2009!
  • Bufty_Grifter says: I do Iyengar yoga, two classes a week and daily practice.
  • Salbo says: Love yoga and have been doing it for about 2 years - really helps with the aches and pains!
  • Orlando84 says: Yoga has made my high-mileage so much easier! I got into it this summer after my girlfriend and sister both recommended it. My legs feel fresh, even on the second run of the day, after doing a 20-30 min routine and it's working wonders for my ridiculous inflexibility!
  • 154 Rob says: sspeed...sstamina...sstrength...ssuppleness, or Flexibility. Its another good way to get healthier. If you do a long enough session, multiple asanas, its a workout in itself! Fell refreshed/tired, y'know? Usually i do some after weights, using asanas to stretch body parts and taking as long as i want to do it. Gd times.
  • Auntie Beth says: i have two Tara Lee DVDs which are brill. Really feel good after a session.
  • JJ Flash says: Just started with Ashtanga. Hard work but I can already feel some benefits :)
  • mrspenguin says: I've grown to love yoga, it's made me all flexible in places I never used to be flexible, its fabulous!
  • redtoenails says: Ashtanga is my favourite but all yoga is good. Same as all running is good.
  • Gijima1 says: just interrested at the moment!
  • Corrah says: I'm a Hatha girl myself. Just really makes me feel fantastic :)
  • torsparkles says: I love a bit of targetted yoga now and then and must try to get round to doing it daily!
  • carolyn_t says: Just got back into it after a year off and it's making a world of difference :)
  • slowfish says: just started and really enjoying it so far!
  • jiminy cricket says: Yoga is ......
  • alpenrose says: I tried a yoga class years ago and it wasn't for me - too static. I tried Bikram in 2013 - too time consuming. I was then introduced to Ashtanga and I'm now doing it twice a week and noticing an increase in my flexibility, which in turn is helping my running.
  • Mol- says: Started practicing yoga about a year ago. Feels amazing, so much more supple. Lost a lot of the niggling aches and pains I was having. Started training again last week, admittedly only on an exercise bike but have had none of the sore muscles that I have experienced in the past.
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