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  • z1000jeff says: My mum's an English teacher (or more properly, a Scottish teacher of English). In fact I come from a long line of pedagogues who have instilled in me a pathological hatred of bad spelling and poor grammar. Solecisms such as ending a sentence with a proposition are the type of things up with which I will not put.
  • DeeGee says: I was brought up to speak proper English. As a child I learnt to speed read. Bad spelling and grammar really get my goat. I speak three languages fluently, I'm only expecting you to know one!
  • Kittenheels Kath says: I'm joining because I know that there are gaps in my knowledge of English grammar, but I want to protect those things that I do know.
  • The Juicer says: What is it with young people today? ;-)
  • Northern Exile says: I would like to join the group please. I can spell without Microsoft assistance and also know when to use an apostrophe without adult supervision. Apart from my own language [English] I speak another svobodno (fluently) and a couple more to a reasonable standard. Will I pass??
  • MidgeRunner says: I was a forum moderator for another running group somewhere and I had to constantly battle the balance between enforcing the rules on text speak and forum etiquette and not appearing too petty a task master.
    I still dispair when I see 'there' used instead of 'their', 'why' used after the word 'hence' and 'obviously' stuck into a sentence as much as possible for apparent affect.
  • Iron_Mum says: Oh sweet Lord my life is now complete: I can be a running geek AND a grammar pedant simultaneously. I've died and gone to heaven. :-)
  • Frobester says: Are soles on the menu? Ahhhh, Soles. Our soles are lovely. Grocers' apostrophes exercise my temper, as does verbification. Totally whatever!
  • paul296 says: I've spent the day at Skegness today. It should be renamed Skegnes's.
    Thousands of apostrophes huddled together in one seaside town.
    For sale were wig's, purse's, gift's and what visit to the seaside is not complete without fish and chip's.
  • Pidd says: I work alongside a large number of very clever people, injiuneers and things. I am supposed to spend a proportion of each week reviewing and approving their scribblings, instead I spend teh week reviewing, correcting, rereviewing, recorrecting and so on ... I may be going mad. Also I can't type teh (the) properly but refuse to let Mr. Gates autocorrect me.
  • RunDMc says: Yesterday I sent an email which included the word "casino's" (as in "I don't go to casino's"). My livelihood depends on my ability to use words properly, so I need support before things get worser.
  • shanksi says: I am so happy to have just found this group and to know there are some similar minded people here on Fetch. Other people mixing up "loose" and "lose" is really upsetting me at the moment.
  • Shoddy says: Count me in, any excuse for pedantry
  • RichHL says: I'm not really a grammar Nazi, I just like wearing the uniform on weekends.
  • Columba says: I just adore semi-colons.
  • Non-runner says: I have joined for the sole reason that when someone (yes! You young people out there!) says "would of" instead of "would have", I become so upset that I need a place of safe release...
  • Lady Alburne says: I get really annoyed with bad grammar! I can't even write a text message in "text speak" because it goes against my principles.
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