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For those who would like to run a sub 4 hour marathon!

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  • Alex B says: Trained for sub 4 at FLM 07, but it was too hot. Been injured on and off since so no marathon until 2009, when the sub 4 WILL be beaten! Now entered the Shakespeare Marathon in April 2009 and will make this my sub 4 attempt.
  • adrianb1066 says: Booked in for the inaugural (spelling?) Brighton Maraton April 2010 and after completing the New Forest Half, race time prediction is 3:49 so the gauntlet is thrown down! - Bring it on :)
  • true blue says: Ran FLM this year after injuries and missed out by 30 mins, now goal is under 4hrs having done GNR in 1:47.
  • paskha says: this is so FAR OOOOT it's rediculous!!!!! but ONE DAY if the training were possible plus weight loss etc etc etc ... I am encouraged by several sub-2 hr halfs over the years ... if I can GET FIT ENOUGH. my fitness needs to be sub 8:30 mm, which I've achieved, plus serious marathon training, ONE DAY ONE DAY ONE DAY - LIFE gets in the way. I know its possible ..........................
  • Gaubfar says: should have done this at FLM 07, but heat got to me, but I will get there....
  • Running Wilbury says: Ran 3.52 as a newbie way back in 1985. Would love to get close to that again now that I'm older and wiser (and hopefully a little quicker!)
  • STUB says: I want to do this too!! Missed out twice so far... Third Time Lucky???
  • twinny says: Have entered the Liverpool marathon 2012, did a half in 1:51 in March so am hopeful this is achievable...
  • MB3 says: Hi, I started running in Feb and have done two 10k's and one 10 mile race this year. I've got a charity place for the FLM in 08 and really want to get around in under 4 hours - but I've got a lot of training to do to achieve that!! Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  • Athlete In Progress says: Aim is to stay Injury free, get the neccesary training in & complete London Marathon 2008 Sub: 4Hrs.
    "Sounds Easy Doesn't It"
  • Sime says: Trained for sub 4 hrs for the 2007 FLM, finished in 4.02 which considering the heat wasn't too bad, plus the bottle neck at the blue start where the first mile took over 11 mins. Signed up for the Edinburgh marathon in may 2008 so hoping to get under 4 hrs on my 3rd attempt.
  • FetchOli says: looking to run a sub 4 hrs for the Flora London Marathon 2009
  • Kallywag says: May take a while, but sub-4 is my goal. 4.26 at Shakespeare 2009, plagued by injury so hoping to better that :-)
  • PEARLY says: need 38 mins off my Amsterdam time HELP - Edinburgh soon
  • HB says: My PB is 4hrs 41 secs! Hopefully i`ll finally do it in Dublin in 4 weeks time!!!
  • martynjlane says: I've recently entered my first marathon, the Nottingham Experian Festival of Running which is in September. Training going ok so far and my PB at Half marathon is 1h38, so if I can up the mileage in training, I'm hoping I can make it under 4 hours! No doubt once I get to the race itself, I'll just be praying that I finish at all!! Good luck to everyone in this group in achieving their goals.
  • CORFU89 says: Need this as can run 20 miles in 3 hrs but dry up even without hitting the dreaded wall !!!!!
  • Ricardo says: It's my marathon goal this year!
  • Scrappy Doo says: Hi all...I new to this game but my goal is to do my first marathon in NY in 2009 in a sub 4 hour time,so hints,tips,advice,help and support most welcome...
  • Ha! Ha! says: have entered the newcastle city marathon on 22 nov this year..will not even think about it 'til late aug when i will gradually increase my mileage..fingers crossed that will be enough to get me under 4hours in what will be my one and only marathon..:-) ;-) :-0
  • Zippy 123 says: My best is 4:16:35 so far which I got at the FLM 2008. Running Edinburgh next year and whilst telling people that I just want to get a PB, my secret ambition is to break the magical 4 hours - any help and support will be appreciated!
  • Donnaroe says: I am running my first ever marathon in Oct i would love to do it in under 4 hrs but just finishing will be a great achivement
  • Nikaim says: Having run 4.21 twice I feel i can get a lot quicker if i learn to pace myself better.Tips welcome!
  • cityrunner says: First marathon will be FLM09 and I am training to achieve a sub-4.
  • deeg says: if only I'd followed the blue line 4.02.41, ah well next one.
  • Grumpa says: Got a 3.54 in the 2002 Nottingham Marathon,but after acouple of injuries and years we will have to see?Here goes for FLM 2009.
  • Harbs says: Did the Shakespeare Marathon last year in 4:15, had suffered with injuries and a virus so going for sub 4 hours again this year. Going reasoonably well so far. Doing Bramley 20 tomorrow so will see what time I end up should be a good indicator of how my trainings going.
  • Fido2Dogs says: PB 4:05 in Eindhoven '09, going back for 10/10/10 to see if I can get 4:00:59 (BQ) or even 3:59:59
  • coyley1 says: Ran London 08 (my first marathon) with a friend and we trained for 4:30 (actual 4:32). I knew I could go much quicker. Went for Dublin 08 and took over 40 minutes off my London time and finished in 3:51. Ecstatic. Aimed for sub 3:45 at Edinburgh 09 but cramped up at 23 miles and finished in 3:49:07 still a PB though. Sub 3:45 is on now for the end of 09. If I can go sub 4, anyone can. Come on guys.
  • justgary82 says: i did it!!!! 3:59:36
  • Dusty23 says: My FIRST Marathon this year and i know that i shouldnt wish for a sub 4 but am doing well in training and feel confident, wait and see hey???
  • AlexJames says: Thus far ran 4.31, 4.08, 4.04. Attempting the magical sub 4hr in Paris 2013.
  • KAZZY73 says: Hoping for a sub 4 this year means knocking 25 mins off I can do it x
  • koplegend1963 says: Due to run first marathon in April 2010 - in London - not really sure what I'm doing as I only have a few very average half marathons behind me - still injury free and you never know
  • DoodleHappy says: Fell in love with long distance running at High School when everyone else seemed to hate the cross country runs. I did my first half marathon at the age of 18 in Colchester and followed this with several shorter fun runs and another half marathon in Colchester the following year. My personal best for the Half Marathon was 1:35.

    Anyway that was it for several years until in 2006 I underwent major open surgery on my left kidney. As part of my recovery I decided to get back into running and despite being told recovery would take at least 6 months I managed my first half marathon in over 14 years after only 9 weeks training. And the time? a very respectable 1:57.

    I have to confess I haven't run since but I've now been accepted for the 2010 London Marathon so the training is starting all over again. And the goal? To do it in under 4 hours. You can sponsor me by making a donation to LEPRA by vsiting
  • Clatters says: 4th London coming up - and for once I'm training for it properly. Previous times of 4.48, 5.15 and 4.44 without training - I reckon I can do sub-4 ...... Can I !???!!!
  • Fat Jase says: Doing my 1st one this year and really hope to go under 4hrs!! I suffer with cramp very badly on my Half Marathons so hoping the the Full is a possible!!
  • Wriggling Snake says: I think I might be able to get this time, 1:47 last half, maybe, just maybe.....
  • Schnecke says: One day, please God .....
  • Paul M Brain says: I ran the 2007 Dublin marathon and was looking good for 3hr 50ish when my left calf went south at 25miles and i crawled in at 4hr 4mins , happy to finish but gutted i'd not come under 4hrs.
  • SiPod says: 1st marathon 4.08, quite chuffed as never done the distance before. 2nd marathon 4.15 going well on for a sub 4 hour time, got cramp in both calves at 24 miles walk/ran last 2 miles. 3rd marathon 4.13 London 2010 too busy got fed up of dodging and weaving. 4th marathon will pick a less busy course and hopefully will be the one.
  • AddledAdder says: Windermere 2010 is my target race to crack this one. Should be close if I'm fit enough. *edit* Done. by 38 seconds. A little close for comfort!
  • Bradders66 says: Completed my first marathon in Chester on 31st May 2010. Got to half marathon stage at 1h 54m then at mile 17 my legs turned into something that no longer belonged to my body.
  • DPBadger says: I woud love to get a sub 4 marathon. My times are coming down sub 2 halfs and 10 in 1:19. So it is possible.
  • Pidd says: sub 4 at Edinburgh 2011 !!
  • Ogden Runner says: Dublin 2010 - my first marathon and just 4 minutes off a sub4 finish - Aaaargh! Now signed up for Edinburgh 2011 and hope it lives up to it's reputation as the fastest marathon!!
    Update Oct 2012: Didn't enjoy Edinburgh but finally cracked a sub 4 at Chester Marathon in 3.55.16
  • RichHL says: It's got to be possible, right?
  • becca7 says: After banging my head against this one for ages I achieved 3.45.17 at Blackpool Marathon. BELIEVE and it can be done.
  • Closer says: My Garmin says I did 26.2 at Kent Coastal in 3.56ish, but still need that official sub-4 time!
  • peter jay says: first attempt at sub 4 in manchester 2011.So far training going really well, have found the extra commitment that has been missing in previous marathons
  • tipsku says: I've just run a 20 mile race in 3:04:59 which would put me to 4:02:24 h in a marathon at the same average speed. So that's 2:24 min or 144 seconds to slice off which is 5.5 s per mile. Oh dear... 5 seconds really hurt on these distances.
  • jammykenyian says: Done it 3.58.33 Edinburgh may 2013
  • zuistu says: 4.11 this year , Im giving myself 12 months to get those last 11 minutes , thats a minute month and I'll have time to spare
  • Scooba Steve says: Long term goal - first mara 4h59, just done Paris again in 4h36 affected a bit by heat and should have been under 4h30. Have decided to do 10 full maras before I'm 40 (4 year) and would love to get one in under the 4 hours!
  • RBanksy says: Just missed out in 2012 at Tenby, so hoping to find a flatter course (Worcester??) and a sub 4 to boot.
  • Boro Wayne says: 17.5 miles in 2.25, just need to build stamina up before edinburgh at end of may.
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