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A list of supporters who would like to come and service the needs of the fetchie runners at VLM 2010.

Notes from Members

  • Daz M says: The wife is running (After the babies) so i am all yours. Just tell me the time & place to meet!
  • Smileygirlie says: not running, but willing to make a lot of noise for our VLM runners :)
  • teddy-o says: I'll see you guys there again this year!
  • Excitabubble says: Looking forward to being part of the support group, will be there nice and early with Corona as we're staying the night in London :-)
  • mummyV says: will be there, probably not the entire day but will make as much effort as my 32 week bump allows :-) Last time it was me on the other side, I was very grateful for my jelly babies :-)
  • topcorner says: I love Fetchpointing so much. Can't wait to get the ol' latex gloves and oil out again! I may even do some massage too....
  • sallykate says: so much fun last year, can't resist it!
  • Garf says: Team wabbit has to pull out so sorry :-(
  • linsblake says: I double booked last year and couldn't make it but have agreed babysitting duties with the long suffering Mr B and will be there with bells and whistles this year.
  • 1step2far says: Looking forward to it already! :-)
  • Southcoastpete says: Will it involve vaseline?
  • Skyehusky says: My husband and two daughters would like to join the Fetch supporters please. Unfortunately I will be somewhat disposed running the blessed course!
  • Schnecke says: Can we have the Over 50s support team again please - it was such fun last year!
  • katec says: Will be there with or without children!
  • Debster says: count me in as long we're going to t'pub after!
  • icklechick says: will be fun :)
  • Debbie G says: Can't wait :-)
  • tinebeest says: Don't want to miss this one, and I want to shout some encouragement to some friends who are running and spend the day in good company :-)
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