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A list of runners who need to be, ahem, "serviced" by Fetchpoint.

Notes from Members

  • Prof Disco Dean says: will be running In H4H vest number 52328 aiming for 3.0? loud cheer thankyou please! :-)
  • shirlgirl says: Looking forward to the support! Wearing bright orange vest for Disability Challengers, I think. Hoping for sub 4.30
  • plodding hippo says: Club place
    So, wearing 100 club vest and a great big grin!
  • Nightjar says: Club colours but the red Fetch buff will be worn with pride.
  • SPKoF says: aiming for around 3:05. Will be in Long Eaton Blue and White club top
  • TRIM says: This is my first marathon, so I need loads of support. I am proud to be wearing my FE top on the day, Trish
  • Pllumby says: Aiming for sub 4 but only just got under the 4 last year when I was doing twice the mileage... Will be all Fetched up.
  • Serendipity says: Running in club colours (the red and white of Ware Joggers!), red shorts and white nike cap. Number 25417.
  • Making_Tracks says: I have a ballot place. i'll probably run in a Fetch Shirt.
  • darl0 says: Got a place through the ballot on my third attempt, will be wearing my club vest (white with two blue stripes). Hoping for between 3:45 & 3:30.
  • Andy99 says: Weather predicted to be too warm for me so will nee support! Look out for me, I'll be wearing a Tarzan outfit and should finish about 3.10. Ta
  • Tiptoes says: Club Colours: Green with Blue Stripe + Name
  • way2slow says: have a GFA place but injury has scuppered my plans to go sub 3.40 this year. Physio has said i will get round so should be ok for around 4hrs.
  • Cabbey says: Aye, I'll be there. No idea what I'm wearing yet!
  • la abeja says: Ballot place - running for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, so will be in their burgundy/dark purple ish vest and will be somewhere near the back...
  • Half Empty says: Have club place. May run for a charity but will be probably be in club vest.
  • Rick OShay says: Aiming for a 3.30 summfink...will wear the traditional FE top

    Did I actually say 3.30!......that'll be what jinxed it. Now looking at about the 3.40-3.50 mark
  • Geprig says: Ballot place. Fetch colours.
  • controversial says: will be a runners world pacer again ...
  • Shin-Twigs says: I will be fully fetched up.!!
  • stuart little says: Off red GFA, aiming for a 2:45 marathon.
  • longboat says: Yes please! - Aiming for 3:40 ish... Will be in a blue (or yellow) Zurich top
  • oneronaldo says: Ballot place, not sure what vest i am running in, might run in new clubs vest.But your support is always great and very much welcome.
  • Lully says: Ive got a deferred place as I was injured last year. Will be fetched up
  • SharonD says: :-) looking forward to running past Fetchpoint again:-)
  • HappyG(rrr) says: Will be pacing (and guiding) Blind Ken with fellow fetchie, union. (That's a fetchie called "union" not a Fetch Union, like the Amalgamated Union of Miners, Tradespersons and Pantmakers. :-P) I think all we require is usual enormous Fetchpoint madness and a cheer of "Go Ken Go"! Thanks in advance FPers! :-)G
  • DeeGee says: Club colours for me this time. they gave me the place, so it's only fair. There'll be a Red Fetch buff in there somewere, though.
  • Pootle says: I'll be running for Guide Dogs for the Blind, currently a white t-shirt but hoping to have a vest by race day
  • union says: Along with HappyG I will be guiding my friend Ken, who is a blind runner, around the 26.2. Owing to a shirt with "guide" on it I will not be in a Fetch shirt but hope to meet other Fetchies and get a shout at Fetchpoint
  • Silvershadow says: Club ballot place so probably in Club colours or could be in Bedford Hospital vest.
  • greenzed says: Hoping for under 5 hours, runner number 3833, running for the Disabilities Trust :-)
  • Boingy says: Aiming for under 3.30. Will be wearing either my club vest or Sue Ryder charity vest, and a look of extreme pain.
  • Iron_Mum says: first marathon (prob last), didn't intend to run but was offered place with Book Trade Charity (tough fundraising I tell you), aiming to just get round in one piece. (But secretly hoping for 4:30 or below.)
  • Forrest of the Dean says: Hi Guys I'm going to be there as a RW Pacer doing 10min miling, I'm also going to be doing Liverpool Half at 9 min miles.
  • Trying Hard says: Am new to Fetch. This sounds great! I am hoping to do sub-5.
  • CharlieFarlie says: Hi, I'm running for Farleigh Hospice so will be in (if same as last year) yellow help the hospices vest. May need hugs and big shoulders for some tears, it's going to be emotional.
  • manicstreetpounder says: Hoping for 2:50
  • Caprica Vix (RotJ) says: I have a ballot place but will be running for a local charity. I'll be wearing a white vest similar to the one in my profile pic. Its my first time so will need cheering. Hoping to under 4:30... maybe ;)
  • Laura27 says: Will be in fetch top (home colours) with fetch name on :-) hoping for around 4 hrs :-) yay for fetchpoint!
  • Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs) says: I shall be running in Fetch colours of course!! :-) Hoping for a 3:30 so should go through 13 in approx 1:42 and 22 in approx 2:54 (fingers crossed)
  • Watford Wobble says: My first running of this marathon in London. Shall be running for Help for Heroes. Trying to figure out how to run in Fetch and H4H shirts. Be great to see how good Fetchpoint is from a runners perspective.
  • AnneW says: Hey just joined this group hope all your training going well. I will be running in Giffnock north vest yellow with a broad blue stripe.
  • Scooby Dave says: Ballot place for me so home Fetch shirt with name on it. Enjoyed passing Fetchpoint in 2008 with MicknPhil on the otherside. It was great to be supporting last year and I'm sure 2010 will be just as good.
  • Clinty says: Hi all just seen this. Its my first marathon, hoping for anything under 5 hours and I think that I will be needing your support!
  • Metal Martin says: Will be running in either a Fetch vest or Help for Heroes vest. Aiming for 4.30.
  • ml2run says: Ballot place, running in dunmow tri vest, hoping to find the sub 4 pacer... good luck everyone.
  • Bazoaxe says: GFA Place and gunning for sub 3
  • SuzyWoo says: GFA place, will be in Fetch top, with Fetch name on! :-) aiming for 3:20-3:25.
  • Firesac says: GFA place aim is 2:58 :-) Will be in a Firefighters Charity vest.
  • The Terminator says: Aiming for between 3.30-3.45. Running for Children's Trust and will be attired in their colours, lime green. Will say Virgin Matt on it.
  • Essex Dave says: Have a gold bond place - Help The Hospices vest with a sunflower on it..
  • Jigs says: GFA place so will be in Fetch vest (of course) Hoping to hear massive cheers and get High 5's from Fantastic, lovely Fetchies :)
  • MadWelshWoman says: will be running for VICTA...hoping for sub 5.
  • Skyehusky says: Running for St John Ambulance, usually a volunteer so it'll be nice to be the one grabbing the vaseline as opposed to giving! Don't really care about time, just to finish!
  • HayleyB says: Why am I doing this again? Because I dream of a sub 4, that's why... Fetch colours this time.
  • DuaneDibbley says: this is my first ever marathon and I'm running it for Barnardo's - should have one of their vests on! Aiming for sub 4 hours.
  • slowblonde says: Deferred last years entry as was writing up PhD. 2nd marathon - hopefully sub-5 this time. Will be wearing green macmillan vest.
  • Marathon Mike says: Will be in Dagenham 88 club vest - white with red band - hoping for anything under 4.50 for my 10th and last London - probably
  • Hackett says: Running for SENSE - Bright orange vest and H will be printed on the front. Too many letters in Hackett may hold me back !!!!;-)) Aiming for sub 3:30
  • terrydown says: what a FANTASTIC day......................................
  • Tubsey says: finally have a place, will be running in club colours - Weston Running Club - hoping for 3.15 to 3.30
  • Billy Idle says: Ballot place ,1st marathon(and last).Fetch colours with Autism Initiatives logo on reverse.Hopefully around 4hour mark.
  • notgivingup says: Ballot place. Probably Fetch colours. Hoping for 4.30 but think it will take miracle. Will be pleased to get to Fetchpoint!
  • clairster says: hope i am not too late..will be dressed as the muppet, bunsen honeydew..aiming for 4.30 ish and to raise as much money as possible for Arrhythmia Alliance
  • Cazaroo says: Running, well starting with 'covbaldy', either in NSPCC or C&C (club) vests. Hoping for 3:30 to 3:45.
  • EHN says: EHN-Ballott place....hoped for 4.30 or there abouts but realistically now looking at 5hrs. Blue shorts and green vest (with 'Helen' printed on). It is my first marathon but am very quietly excited and nervous-this whole experience has consumed my mind and aching body!!!
  • Puffing Billy says: Will be running very slowly in white Help for Heroes vest after running Brighton Marathon the week before VLM!!
  • Trackerman says: Club place, running in Club colours (Portobello Running Club). Hoping for another sub 3:30. Hope all the training is going well.:-)
  • Speedie says: Last done London 10 years ago can't wait to feel the force of Fetch at 22
  • SpeedofaRock says: Running for Scoliosis Campaign Fund - will be in Orange!! My first Mara, think it might be 4:30 :O
  • amys dad says: be running in black, haverhill rc on front, give us a cheer as i storm past !
  • mava says: Have a club place so will be in club colours. Will have run Brighton the week before.
  • EdJ says: Ballot place but running for Sue Ryder Care (dark blue and orange vest). First marathon - would dearly love to get under 3 hours, but more realistically likely to be 3:05 - 3:10.
  • libra says: 7 weeks out, not quite lost sight of 3.30 but will be very tough.
  • RicC says: Training not going according to plan so using VLM as a LSR for Edinburgh. Will be wearing the usual black and red FE top.
  • Bamber says: Will try and go mental
  • mile muncher says: I'll be in my Fetch top with Audrey written on the front of it. Don't need anything specific at fetchpoint other than massives of cheers and high 5s :-) Can't wait. This wil be my first experience of Fetchpoint from the other side of the barrier
  • Clueless says: Ballot place - as a Fercer I will be wearing a FETCH vest. number TBA when I find it!!
  • richard_ogden says: Ballot place, so will be running in club vest (Scunthorpe & District - Blue/white) 1st marathon, HOPING for 4 hrs
  • magsd36 says: Sorted me a treat last year the whole thing gave me a real boost. Had struggled through miles 16 - 20, jelly babies were a bonus. Same again this year please. Will be in Fetch top.
  • Red Robin says: Ballot place. Number 4925.

    Red vest....matching face !!! (might wear some shorts too! lol)
    First mara. Sub 4, fingers crossed !.....ROBIN ;)
  • Gaubfar says: will be wearing the yellow and green of Yaxley Runners along with Frizzle
  • Starfangle says: First timer, want to run in 4hrs 30mins. Very nervous, will be supporting Cancer Research UK. All the best everyone!
  • Deenzy says: Using this as training for Iron Man so not racing it
  • Peteb69 says: In Serpie colours, Fetchpoint glad me a second wind last year so hoping for more of the same this year.
  • amclfc says: I am doing VLM 2010, looking for sub 4 hours
  • ninemins says: 4790 green maxmillan vest CHRIS across the front
  • Run Jabba Run says: Hi. Got in via ballot - curses to the person who persuaded me to enter! Have decided to run for Roadpeace.
  • alisterrobson says: Have a club place, but am running for Acorns Childrens Hospice. Looking for sub 4 hours in my first and hopefully last Marathon.
  • blokewotruns says: I managed to get a club place for my first VLM aged 60 and going for a sub 3:45 which should give me a GFA place in 2015. Torn between wearing my club vest or my charity McMillan Cancer Suppot.
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