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  • Footpad says: How did I miss this group! A fan of 2 pairs of gloves in Winter... and Spring.... and Autumn!!! Fingers hurt like fetch in the cold!

    Apparently you can take Nefedipine Tabs (for high BP dilates the peripheral blood supply) or apparentlly half a Viagra tab!!
  • Lea says: My nan swears by Ginkgo Biloba - but only the expensive stuff! I tried it for a month (not long enough according to her) and didn't notice any improvement.
    I have to wear gloves when running in winter, after about 15 minutes my fingers start to warm up and actually stay warm. When I get in I crank the heating up as they have a tendancy to go white and numb again after i've showered. It does get really painful.
  • Winniefree says: My fingers go a lovely corpse-like black/blue rather than white :-P
  • SparkyMark says: Its always after a run in the cold, they are fine during. It only affects the outer 2 fingers of each hand.
  • quimby says: My hands go slow as well. It can take a good while to get my key out of my pocket when I get back.
  • minardi says: All tips greatly received
  • katief89 says: i hate the pain! gloves and handwarmers are a winner..
  • Closer says: First deathly white fingers of the autumn on Wednesday 14/9!
  • JuliaD says: The worst of it is not being able to feel, to find my keys or turn them in the lock, to be able to get back in the door to warm up! Running seems to have improved my foot circulation though!
  • Hollyfairyelephant says: My fingers go purple then white then red and are very painful after coming back from numbness. Just putting my hands in the freezer momentarily or walking down the frozen aisle in a supermarket sets it off :-(. My feet occasionally suffer too. I was diagnosed when in my early teens.
  • Flatlander says: I have to take a statin due to a rare autoimmune disease which a small number of sufferers of Raynaud's Syndrome develop, and I've noticed that my Raynaud's has been a lot better, with fewer and less severe attacks, so I looked for supporting scientific evidence:
    The study samples are unavoidably small due to the rarity of the AID.

    I assume that you are aware of this Raynaud's society?
  • westmoors says: I have quite severe Raynaud's. It doesn't only affect my hands, but my feet, ears and nose too! It can get so bad that the skin starts to die....yes I've been known to peel in the midst of winter! I've tried medication to reduce the symptoms but didn't like the side effects so gave up.
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