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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Group: South Downs Way Fellowship Clique

13 members [See all]

If you need a description, you're not in the clique.

Notes from Members

  • Maclennane says: *is struck down on the fields of Bali*
  • filthyfaerie says: *description* :-p
  • Tpod says: *plays music*
    *dies in 3rd film*
  • RuthB2 says: *hums tune quietly. gets confused with Lexa's character a lot*
  • icklechick says: *lurks* having forgotten the tune - i may go find the music later
  • Rapscallion says: Hell and back today. Bring on the next one :) :) :)
  • Max71 says: *puts on disguise*

    Why hello, yes its me...y'know me..your old SDW running mate. *cough*
  • Diogenes says: That's my house over there..., or is it?
  • Monkey_75 says: :-P
Group admin: Hendo