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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Notes from Members

  • SPKoF says: I managed just in 2008 and 2009 so why not again?
  • SteveRR says: I have 152 miles to go to get to 2000 for the year....guess I should be there all being well by early August.
  • SteveV says: Hopefully i can achieve this
  • Belper Bear says: A good challenge to rise to.
  • swittle says: 2010 in 2010, to continue a tradition of sorts.
  • Southampton Tony says: Managed 1200 miles in 2008, 1500 miles in 2009, time to get serious in 2010!!
  • MilestheCat says: I can do this,it won't be easy but I will get 2000 miles in 2010.
  • soreeneater says: Managed 2040 miles last year. Ran to work and/or back as much as I could to lessen my impact on the environment!
  • Go-KL says: Far exceeded my original 2008 target of 1750 miles, so 2000 miles should be attainable injury notwithstanding. Have set my target to be a more ambitious 2500 miles, 200 miles up on 2008 figures.
  • DickyDare says: count me in, its time for me to crank my mileage up a level.
  • The Terminator says: Reached primary target of 1500 so now aiming for 2000, 48 miles a week from here? Hmm
  • payless says: Joined this group as a motivation to keep running, but unfortunately being out 6 weeks with a bad heel injury means I probably won't get there!!
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