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for runners based in Scotland and Scottish races

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  • AlanO says: Hi all,

    Just a quick note to those who are Not doing the Scottish Mile Challenge. The Inverclyde Leisure 5km takes place on Sunday 20th July at 11am starting at the Greenock Waterfront Complex. £5 to enter with all entry fees going to the local hospice. If you're interested let me know and I'll give you more details.
  • Hyperboy says: Scottish and proud!!!Running in the Larbert area;)
  • Toadie says: Stumbling slowly through Edinburgh!
  • Ribenaface (RFSQL) says: I have to run because it's the only way to stay ahead of the midges. And I'm ginger. I could only be more Scottish if my blood type was Ba-Bru. You've got to love a country where a race within choking distance of Grangemouth is considered a healthy way to spend a Saturday. More please.
  • Dvorak says: Just testing Fetch's new feature really - I'm Scottish, based in Scotland, and run in Scottish races.
  • Kimbles says: Hiya - joined fetch about 2/3 weeks ago and thought it would be nice to join a group of like minded people :-)
  • daviec says: Scots wahey!!
  • Gus says: WEll I do live here and would like to try the mile.
  • Haggis says: Born and bred Glasgow South-side, now residing in the Granite City.
  • Odineaters says: First visit to site, and just joined. Go the Scots!
  • purephase says: Im Welsh but have lived in Scotland for three and a half years and Im married to a Scot, plus I only started running when i moved to Scotland.
  • Torry Quine says: Time to see how deep the rabbit hole goes....
  • Tiny Runner says: Live in Fife and don't ever want to leave...
  • _andy says: It's getting busy in here. That's good.
  • connelld says: G'oan yerself
  • RedBen says: Way past time that I joined. English (sorry!) but living in Embra and married to a Scot and raising Scottish born children. Do I qualify?!
  • Orchidgirlfr says: Not living there right now, but my heart is there..oh and a bit of it in France :)
  • Smout says: Born in Edinburgh, grew up in East Lothian, was a member of Edinburgh Athletic Club (formerly ESPC AC) for years while a kid, now work in Edinburgh, live in Leith and decided it was high time to get my lazy expanding b*tt back into running!!
  • Slinkyseal says: Not Scottish but live here and married to one. Need to find more races up here other than the Edinburgh series!
  • union says: Am welsh but been living in scotland for last 10 years and married a scot, I run in east lothian
  • z1000jeff says: Hi all, from sunny Bathgate.
  • katypie says: Another embra burd for the list
  • mitsy says: I'm a Highlander but living and running in Edinburgh
  • Tarmac hunter says: done the pitlochry 10k yestarday lovely day a hard race tho
  • Lynchy says: Recently joined this group. Have been training and racing quite hard in 2008 as running the NYC marathon in November. Looking for advice on best club or network to join in Edinburgh (for socials too!) that will get me round in sub 4 hours.
  • niallmc says: just hoping to run sub 1.45 for glasgow half
  • vinny says: I am Scottish, live in Glagsow and run with Springburn Harriers, what more can one say.
  • Karie says: Am scottish, live in scotland and trying to get fit enough to run in scottish races. Can I join in then?
  • The Flying Fifer says: The name says it all...apart from the 'Flying' bit, more like 'Shuffling'
  • Hee Jung says: I'm a Canuk...but married to a Scot, living and running in Scotland and have run Scottish races... does that count enough to join? :o)
  • CamBear says: Moving back to Scotland soon - woohoo
  • Triplet Dad says: An Irishman living in Scotland for best part of 20 years with a Scottish wife and 3 Scottish kids, hopefully I count on that basis.
  • Old Croc says: Originally from Co Durham, now living in Scotland - for second time. Mainly a cyclist but using runs for winter training, done Inverness Half twice the Loch Ness 10k and recently the Kinloss to Lossie Half marathon.
  • ak0539 says: hi all,

    I'm glad to join this group i'm from dunfermline and run with pitreavie and work in sunny Edinburgh. However I'm originally a west coaster.
  • Sarcy says: Moved back to Scotland, nice to be home again.
  • loopy says: hello :) I was born in Edinburgh , ran for EAC as a kid , I'm now living in dunfermline and run for Pitreavie x
  • mxhornet says: I'm more Welsh than Scottish but hey ho. Does that make me the anti-Gobi ?
  • froggyfeet says: I'm gliding over the thick Edinburgh ice - ice sucks but snow is nice!
  • SCPRoadrunner says: Scots born and bred. Live in the Southwest and love to run - would like to participate in more Scottish based races.
  • mad4it says: Out with injury:-(
  • gilli vanilli says: From sunny Skye, used to live in Glasgow, now in Dundee. 's math sin!
  • wannywoo says: not Scottish, not a runner hehe well the first bit is true anyhow! Live in Edi, did Edi Mara in 2008, have signed up for 2009, plus the 5k...10k and half marathon!
  • Labwalker says: Hi I'm a fairly new fetchie been Lurcking a bit and now posting. I am a member of jog scotland chryston
  • stretch 212 says: I'm Scottish and just started running again.
  • Coz I can says: for one more?
  • KAZZY73 says: Im from Glaasgow living in Cumbria now x
  • JRitchie says: Running in and around Stonehaven and lov'in it !!
  • Rents says: Scottish born and bred - bit of a gypsy tho, feels like i move house everytime the weather changes!
  • Monkey_Runner says: Feisty Scottish lassie, living (and running) in Edinburgh
  • Steak-n-Cake says: Hello... I'm representing the Historic & Royal Burgh of Renfrew.... quite slowly.... :o)
  • DoricQuine says: Aberdonian born and bred and partial to a wee dram or two :)
  • baz p says: Hello. Recently new Fetchie running in Falkirk
  • JammyLu says: Hello! Not scottish but live in Edinburgh and love it here.
  • dave_m says: N-Irish but I've been living in Scotland for 19 years. Now based in Stonehaven.
  • mrs shanksi says: Born in Scotland, live in Scotland. Member of Stonehaven Running Club. Love running everywhere :-)
  • Baigrie says: Lurked for too long...born and bred in Scotland.
  • purpleangie says: Am scottish, live in the Scottish Borders and hopeful of entering a race or two this year!
  • Caja says: Scottish and living in Norway, coming over for the Moffat gala run. Anyone else doing this one?
  • halfpint says: I'm Scottish and I run (tho not as often as I'd like) - I guess I fit the criteria for this group :)
  • HappyTimes says: Born Scotland, lived here all my life and the few races so far have all been here so reckon this qualifies me for group.
    Aint running (especially race days) just gr8!!
  • RedSquirrel says: hi just joined fetch

    love running in and around aberdeen inverness and aviemore, edinburgh marathan was first run with other runners (maybe should o tried 10k first), loved it, although usually run alone, cross country, quite good laugh with company.

    Hey does anyone knows of any half marathan coming up in aberdeenshire, aviemore way, only seem to hear about bigger events, considering joining a club, what about everyone else?, running alone or with a club?
  • RunningFairy says: Hi I'm a newbie, live in South Ayrshire, just started running in June 2009, and I'm training using the couch to 5k pod casts.
  • damo2000 says: Im Irish, living in Scotland for last 12 years, but have never donned a kilt. Running to stop being fat.
  • 154 Rob says: Born & bred up the road, been away for years at a time. Been going up more regularly this year 2009, had a great day @Embra marathon.

    Here's tae us - wha's like us? ...Damn few, and they're a' deid!
  • Kenyan John says: Despite name was born and have lived in Glasgow all my life
  • Ferdi says: I run (or jog, should I say!) every Sunday in Tentsmuir forest, starting in Tayport where the forest trails begin. Great XC/beach routes. If anyone wants to meet up let me know.
  • RichHL says: Ex-pat in Cambridge, doing my first Marathon in Moray.
  • girlie78 says: At last made the move up North :-)
  • andrea8936 says: C'mon the Scots!!
  • Whisper says: I live and work in Dundonnell near Ullapool and do nearly all my running around the hills and mountains of Wester Ross. Aiming to do the Cape Wrath Challenge Marathon this year and the Great Wilderness Challenge and the Ayrshire River Way ultra.
  • Valebird says: wow didnt realise there were so many Scots on here..I'm a member of Jog Scotland..go Jog Scotty!
  • rossi71 says: Hi there, enjoying getiing back into running after a 20 year break!! Hope to meet some of you along the way. Cheers Rossi
  • Sir Limpalot says: Welsh but living it up in Aberdeen. Fit like.
  • Quandong says: Australian, lived in Edinburgh 3 years, been running for about 2. Mostly up and down the Union canal and along the A8. Looking forward to Loch Ness!
  • JaneyM says: Born and bred Edinburgh! so why not be in the Scottish Runners group?
  • FraserFud says: Chicken breast Cheesecake
  • Im A Runner says: Hey everyone
  • Rab Lee says: If I didnt live in Scotland I'd come here on my holidays
  • jammykenyian says: on board
  • justcol says: Laurieston boy now running around Stirling.
  • TommyK says: Scottish by birth, still living and running in Scotland.
  • Weekatiepea says: Born in England but live in Scotland and a member of Stonehaven Running Club.
  • DazW says: I have the misfortune of being born in England, however Scotland has always felt more like home to me. Lived in the NE of Scotland for 8 years now and consider myself a honarary scotsman.
  • Yumee says: Staggering around the Borders since I was nine - still perfectly capable of getting lost though!
  • lfbaxter says: Mostly seen running around Stirling...and sometimes Dundee
  • madaboutmads says: Im english *ducks* but have scottish ancestry,honest! Live in the borders region(practically england) loves to run,just doesn't do it enough(i blame the weather)
  • Banny Faws says: I am born and bred in Glasgow. Run for Springburn Harriers.
  • skookie says: Been using FE for a few months but just found the Group section, Hi from Dunfermline :)
  • princesszee says: Weegie living in Edinburgh. I run cause I like cake 💁🏻
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