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For those who want to complete 1000 miles during 2009
Just sign up below and set a 1000 mile target in the Training section so I can see you

Recognition will be granted to those who reach 1000km during their journey.

Just log your runs each week, Stalking and Haddock Waving are provided free of charge.

Notes from Members

  • webby1 says: Im up for it ,going okay so far.
  • Baigrie says: I will do this in 2010, missed it this year due to CBA following Edinburgh Marathon!!!!
  • Trix-df says: First full year running, but we have to aim high!! Good luck everyone
  • longboat says: got to be worth a try
  • Scoff The Sloth says: Off to a bad start this year - hopefully I can catch up!
  • CrazyLegs says: Hopefully 2010 will be THE YEAR!!!!
  • matthewpont says: I'm blogging about my attempt to do this,, gonna kick start it tomorrow with a 10 mile race. Good luck everybody.
  • Maisy says: Managed 800 miles in 2008, so it will be a challenge. I'm up for giving it a go though!
  • Aviemore says: Did 1007 in 2009, but not got all my runs logged on Fetch. Set out this morning thinking would set myself a target of 1200, but realised at three miles a day I would be off course very quickly. Realistically would like to do 1100, but 1000 again (and verified!) would be good. I have run every day since 30 August 2008 and seriously considered whether I should take the opportunity of the New Year to break the habit, but NO CHANCE!
  • philg72 says: Sounds like a challenge - good intentions and all that!
  • Soooz says: 20 miles a week doesn't sound so bad .....
  • gaz2075 says: sounds like a challenge will give it a go
  • Runny says: 20 miles a week. i should be doing that anyway...
  • EvilPixie says: this year I will do it!!
  • Liliaicha says: I'm another one who didn't make this target this year due to injury - 2010 will be the year!!
  • annadav says: Cheers Girlie and thanks for the great lists and all your hard work.

    This worked well for me in 2009 so I'm definitely up for it for 2010 :)
  • Special*K says: Having a go at this... not sure how tough it'll be yet!
  • bundleboy says: Let's see if the old body can stay together for this...
  • Snake Doctor says: just short in 2009 due to injury. will hopefully complete in 2010
  • Triplet Dad says: I'm in :-)
  • Laura27 says: Not managed it since '07, so here's hoping i'll get there this year! :-)
  • Keefley says: 2010 will be my first full year running - here's to a good one for us all
  • bjworld says: I'm in
  • Shin-Twigs says: yip! I'm in!!
  • northernslowcoach says: I'm in too :)
  • forest plodder says: I'm in for my third year. Will try & make the target a little earlier, and clock a few extra miles, but life tends to get in the way!
  • lozza says: I'm in again - loved being part of it for 2009
  • DitzyPlodder says: Just short of 1000 in 2009 but I only started running properly / logging runs at the end of Feb so I hope I can make 1000 in 2010 :-)
  • pmcoops says: injury took me out of most of 2009,bring on 2010 :-)
  • panad says: success in 2009, but hoping to get few more wobble and splash miles in in 2010, so maybe more of a challenge...
  • pinkladykat says: i will give it a go it will be a big challange for me but Oh has enter me in a few marathons and a few 10k so i will try my best
  • frangale says: 2010 will be the year :)
  • runningowl says: swine flu that has took 4month so far to recover from stopped me achieving the 1000(ran 912 to date 28/12/09) in 2009 when on for about 1200miles. 2010 WILL be my best running year. fingers crossed
  • Bez-head says: Im in, missed 600 in 2009 due to injury but high hopes for 2010:)
  • Lully says: fingers crossed ;-)
  • greenzed says: :-)
  • jpom1981 says: Im a running rookie and this looks like a fine target - roll on 2010! :)
  • CK2 says: Here goes!... :)
  • Mutant Calfs says: failed last year with injury and illness in last three months, must try harder this year.
  • the bevan fella says: Let's do this!
  • -caz- says: Managed 700 in 2009 with limited running due to injury - 2010 promises to be a good un so hope I've not raised the bar too high with 1000.
  • Janiew says: Giving it a go!
  • POB1976 says: I'm in looking forward to some good running during 2010
  • malboul says: hope to do it! :)
  • Tempo says: Managed 600 in 2009, but got very lazy last 4 months, so he goes!!
  • phal says: try again :-)
  • pielips says: third time lucky
  • Philippe Flop says: OK - ready to give it another go!
  • genesis says: I'll have a go did 831 last year. Finger out !!!!!!!!
  • Wriggling Snake says: ok, 750 last year, I'm doing a marathon this year, so I should hit 1000
  • dred says: I have never been fit at the start of the year before ( dodgy knees )
    So as i am injury free at the mo' i'll give it a go
  • erinsdad says: I will be running 1000 in 2010 even if my leg fall off.
  • millicat says: Definitely up for it. Started well so far running on holiday in Australia but off back to the cold tomorrow.
  • choldy says: planning a couple of trail marathons and want to complete a trail 30 miler, the goal will help me focus on putting in enough training miles:O)
  • Chich says: just failed in 2009 to do 1000 miles so hope for better luck in 2010
  • JimM says: I joined Fetch mid 2009 and managed just under 500 miles so hopefully you lot will make sure I'm motivated to reach 1000 in 2010.
  • run2thehills says: I'm in too. Stay injury free and should be ok.
  • Nicky Boy says: fell 60 miles short last year due to ankle injury, so have set target of 1060!! lets hope between us we hit the 136000 mile combined. good luck to all.
  • Tumble says: try again
  • Caterpillar says: OK - I am more upbeat now. Ahead of a special phased target and the clocks have gone forward. July update - I am not going to make this target, but I'll keep tracking it. The special phased target is giving me hell now. I have to do 4 miles a day to stay on track, but I'm behind so it's worse than that, he's dead, Jim, dead Jim, dead Jim, it's worse than that he's dead Jim, dead Jim dead.
  • timda says: injuries permitting, i should get there this year.
  • DuaneDibbley says: wasn't far off last year - which was my first year running really - probably over ambitous last year and ended up with all sorts of wee problems which niggled right up to the VLM. Hopefully manage 1k this year without the injuries slowing me down.
  • Mr UE says: lets give it a crack :-)
  • JJ Flash says: I've just promoted myself from the 800m group. Going well sofar, fingers crossed.
  • Yorky says: Just short last year, hope to manage it this year.
  • Sazzahazza says: I'm in, I need some motivation as off with an injury,groin strain :(. Hopefully will be running in a couple of weeks time!
  • runningbean says: On target! Got Berlin Marathon to train for and do, that should take care of most of the miles!
  • Tubsey says: Started late, but catching up - hopefully by end of March should be back on target.
  • terrydown says: doing loads of miles at the moment as build-up to london, need extra motivation after to keep going??
  • Grumpa says: Was well on the way to 1000 miles last year,then a groin tear and a disaster in FLM ended all that.Here goes for another go!!!! ;)
  • Andrea B says: How's everyone getting on with this then with it being nearly half the year gone??? I've managed 466 so far, so thinking i may make it!!
  • slowblonde says: Only 600 last year - need to do better!
  • CottamRunner says: Just decided to move up from the 500 miles group at the mid-year point ..... now hoping to hit the 1000 mark instead (injuries permitting of course!). Good luck all! :-)
  • arbster says: Started too late to make 1000 miles, but managed 1000km by November.
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