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  • not built for speed says: missed in 2009, here's to 2010
  • -caz- says: Managed just over 700 in 2009 with a crap 5 months so this SHOULD be do-able, might even push for the magic 1000

    750 is my safety net ;)
  • pinkladykat says: i was going to try for 1000 but i think this is a better goal for me so thank you im doing both challanges the 1000 and this one
  • Hoppo says: Bring it on! :)
  • Rigel says: Missed my 600 in 2009 target due to shin niggles but this year I'm hoping to avoid injury and rack up some serious mileage... fingers crossed!
  • dred says: Have joined the 1000 mile club, but in truth this is more realistic target
  • Gasping 4 breath says: Yeah , I reckon this is do-able
  • RavyDave says: Right here we go, not going to fail at this one!!!
  • philg72 says: sounds like a plan!
  • macca 53 says: definitely one for me
  • the bevan fella says: Managed over a 100 miles in both November and December so fingers crossed for a good start in Jan 2010...nohing so far...
  • Lisa T says: Won't manage it this year cos of injury .... so here's to 2010!!!! :-)
  • Evangel says: In 2009 I've been in then out and then back in again, and success is close now. So I'm joining this one too.
  • Watcho says: This is my 40th year, so set out to do two marathons London and Kielderthus giving me the incentive to up my mileage, having completed the two, I was duly picked for Londoan again
  • Recoil says: managed just under 300 this year but going for it next year....
  • adiet13 says: just under 500 this year, will train for a good marathon so upping the miles
  • Fat Jase says: Great group for motivation!! Something I always lack when its cold.
  • Monkey_Runner says: Managed it in 2009 - hope to manage again in 2010, although starting the year with knee trouble so fingers crossed!
  • monsenb1 says: ran almost 500 last year, so target almost 750 this year
  • Grid says: Hit 844 miles in the end. 1250 miles for 2011 :)
  • Harbs says: 401 miles done, going well so far, need to avoid the very low mileage I had last summer to make sure I hit it
  • malboul says: I Joined the 1000 miles in 2010 but haven't started that well so think this is more achievable! :)
  • millicat says: This is more manageable than 1000 miles.
  • Pidd says: Got a free transfer from 500 in 2010
  • Grumpa says: Was going great guns for 1000 miles in 2009 but picked up a groin tear just before the FLM,still raced and had a nightmere.That was the end of my running year just about until November/December when I started the long road back to fitness again.Still want to reach 1000 miles in 2010 but will start with 750 and see where I end up.:)
  • Karen S says: Originally joined 500 miles in 2010 group but have already done 50% of that so time to increase target! Got a marathon to train for in October so need to start upping the mileage anyway!
  • mawngyguy says: Really aiming for 700 but no group, so I'll tag along with the 750's and see what happens ...
  • garryv says: Just hit the magic 750 mile mark, with a day to go!!!!
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