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  • Minxymichelle says: i hope i can do this
  • barking says: Failed in 2008 and going to be well short in 2009 although was more or less on target up to FLM. Bring it on!
  • deevicpark says: this is prob crazy but what the ..
  • PenW says: Not managed anywhere near so far but fingers crossed for next year :-)
  • Bimblebelle says: A year of exciting challenges of my own making. Gotta do it!
  • MissChappo says: I'm in. I MUST be able to do this.
  • Bluebell2325 says: Like the sound of this challenge - So here's hoping *fingers crossed* !! UPDATE 17/10/10: 506 miles :) done it :)
  • Bintmcskint says: Decided to be sensible this year!
  • Jon_T says: Looking forward to the new challenge
  • hepburn says: Hello 500 family!!
  • thea will run says: Well, I was well off the target this year, so hoping that 2010 will be a year of achievement - my first half marathon too!!
  • Snellers says: I'm in. C'mon, let's go running!
  • ollie20 says: Just got to keep going every month of the year
  • Meglet says: Better luck this year...
  • Angelplodder says: Love this group so am joining again. Good luck everyone.
  • CottamRunner says: After joining 500 miles in 2009 a bit late - it's nice to get in here early this time around!
    Good luck all.
  • cathrobinson says: Got to just do it!!
  • Gruntfuttock says: Having made it 470 the last two years I'm determined to get to the big 500 this year!
  • Evangel says: I was in the group for 2009, and it's been good getting to know the family.
  • philg72 says: Good luck to everyone - great target to achieve!
  • ian kewley says: hi all, this is my 3rd attempt at this thread if i dont achieve it this time im giving up for good
  • fruit fly says: oh dear 600 miles were a bit ambitious like for 2009, managed to spiral off to a magnificent 0 miles in december.... must try harder. bring on the next 12 months! grrrr....! :)
  • Yank Dave says: Going for it first time for goal and new to Fetch. Still getting feet wet so to speak w/ running and the site. Haven't run in 15 yrs since got out of US Army.
  • Pippi says: Determined to do it this time round!
  • Sandhut says: After eating a huge sausage sandwich and downing a few Cobras, I'm in. :)
  • FurryH says: 37 miles short in 2009. Not planning any more kids this year so should be possible :)
  • beck says: will try again,didnt manage it in 2009 due to injuries
  • mothrunner says: Good luck all! I'm going for two years in a row.
  • Marathon Mike says: Doubling up from last years target. Shouldn't be a problem barring injury - fingers crossed
  • ~kate~ says: My first Fetch goal.....I can do this, I can do this.....just keep telling myself!
  • RunLikeTheWind says: this is going to be quite a big challenge for me - and I've already missed the first week due to snow snow snow!
  • Uncle Anesthesia says: Good Luck All
  • howmanykatiebs says: 500 miles in 2010 - easy, just like a run in the snow ... :) I am in!
  • SilentTim says: Tried to do 1000 miles last year but only got to about 600, this year I'm training for a triathlon which means less running, so hopefully this is a better target
  • Gogsy! says: Would like to do 1000 miles but will be travelling all over the world with work & will have to settle for 500. Good luck everyone - I need you to give me inspiration to queue for a turn behind a 'stroller' watching the news on a hotel treadmill.
  • thommck says: I'm going to give this a go. Sounds like a reasonable enough goal (9.6 miles a week). If i do well on this I'll have to give 1000miles in 2011 a go! Good Luck everyone :)
  • Snitch T says: Time to get positive and to set some targets!
  • HOBIT says: set this as target at begining of yar only just spotted group, i am a little behind target but can still do it
  • searle says: Running mostly in minimalistic shoes (FeelMax Kuusaas and Osmas, TerraPlana Aquas). will do some barefoot when the snow melts.
  • Luna says: Must do it! apparently only around 12m per week starting now.........
  • Stephski says: Hoping I can do it
  • maryj says: I've got a bit of catching up to do!
  • SUPERWOMAN63 says: eeek l will give it a go, not much lined up for this year !!
  • 0w3n says: Just started running again after a long, long break. Going to be a mission from where I am but hell, Rome wasn't made in a day...
  • Star says: Starting late - but determined to set a goal and stick to it!!
  • moelhebog says: Joined Group in May when I discovered Fetch. Have now clocked 106.3 miles. Whilst I may have started late, I will make 500 miles in 2010.
  • adeal says: Hi Wow a bit late to join but I'll give it a go, only done 35 miles so far. If I was a betting person... We'll wait and see
  • Zehnderboy says: After half marathon in Feb my miles really dropped off, so I have set this target for 2010 to keep me off my backside watching others running
  • Hicky says: Just got there!!
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