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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Notes from Members

  • controversial says: OK I am now member of the WMM with: <br>
    * london 03, 06, 07 ,08 <br>
    * boston 08 <br>

    * berlin 06, 08 <br>
    * chicago 08 <br>
    * NY 07, 08 <br>
    5 WMM in a year ... anyone else wants to join me in this very special group??
  • -caz- says: 4 out of 5 ain't too bad, just Boston missing but I'll NEVER qualify for that.
    London - 1994 & 2005
    NYC - 1999 & maybe 2010
    Chicago - 2006
    Berlin - 2009
  • SarahL says: Berlin done. The others to go! :-)
  • BlueWombat says: London '06, '08, '09, '10
    Berlin '07
    Boston '09
    Chicago '06
    New York '11

    New York '11?
  • Rick OShay says: I'm 2 out of 6 having done FLM and NY both in 07. Looking for objectives for 08 (and beyond) and will probably have to leave Boston till last!
  • Baldy Boy says: London a couple of times; 1991,1998.
    New York 1995.
    Chicago 1999.
    Berlin 2007. This was the best of the lot, but also the slowest!

    Who Cares? I've got no chance of doing Boston, unless I run Bandit, or whatever you call it.
  • CORFU89 says: hi ya folks done London n New York so just the usual 3 to do lol
  • wathan says: Running Berlin this year for my first one!!!!
  • Fast&Furious says: Done London a few times and looking forward to New York in November 2008. No plans yet for the other 3 but would like to get the full set before I'm 50.
  • Tango (Adam) says: i've done london
    would love to do them all! but it cums down to money
    which i don't have :(
  • HB says: 3 down- 2 to go!!Chicago is on my list for next year. Boston is all down to the qualification!
  • Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs) says: London 2007 & 2010
    New York 2008
    Berlin 2009
    Boston 2011
    Chicago .... maybe 2014
  • sharmanian says: Is anyone planning on running all 5 in a year at any point? I did 3 last year without really aiming but am considering all 5 together.
  • AnneD says: Chicago '08, London '08, '09, '10, Berlin '10.

    Boston & New York perhaps in 2011?
  • 2old says: Done FLM and ING NY 06, Chicago 07, Boston 09 and Berlin 09 done with a pb
  • Gritts! says: Berlin 2009 will be my first.
  • AntClark says: London 2010
    Berlin 2010

    It's a Start
  • Orlando84 says: Berlin '08, London '09, I'm thinking New York '10. Want to get 'em all before I turn 30 in 2014!
  • DJ Bangey says: Ran my 1st marathon in NY 2009. Now I think I'll do all 5. 1 each year probably. Berlin next!
  • Prof Disco Dean says: if i can do 1.23 for half i can qualify for new york! and if i do sub 3.10 at london next year then i can run boston ive done berlin so chicago will make it 5
  • mr guinness says: i have a question for the runners that did the new york race. how do you go about entering the marathon. i see their is some sort of lottery to enter, what is that about. thanks in advance.
  • Westley says: Boston 2010. Four to go.
  • CT says: 3 down (London, New York, Boston) 2 to go...
  • Malc26.2 says: Done New York in 1999, Chicago in 2000, London 6 times and Berlin. Just Boston to go.
  • STOOSH says: Getting slightly closer..
    London 3times
    New York once
    Berlin once
    only Chicago and Boston left to do!!
  • Naomi P says: Only done London and Berlin, the easy ones. Have a qualifier for Boston, and have a chance to link this and / or New York with work stuff. Will still take a long time.
  • Foxy says: NYC - done 2005 (my first marathon)
    London - done 2007, 2008,2011
    Berlin - done 2008
    Chicago - done 2011
    Boston - 2012 :)

    all hopefully completed just before turning 40 :)

    looking at doubling London with boston in 2011
  • The Alchemist says: London, New York and Berlin done. Boston entered for 2011. Hopefully Chicago in 2011 as well.
  • MajorRunning says: With New York being cancelled it looks like I have technically run all the 2012 World Marathon Majors.
    London 05, 08, 10, 11, 12
    Boston 12
    Berlin 06, 12
    Chicago 12
    NYC 08, 10
    Hope to run all the Majors in 2012 to celebrate turning 35 and becoming a vet.
Group admin: fetcheveryone