Notes from Members

  • GlennR says: Just up the road for me, happy to do what I can.
  • PowerJen says: Will be coming along as often as possible.
  • BrianJ says: Another possible occasional helper and runner
  • The great dollop says: relatives in Milton so a reason to visit!
  • tuga says: I'm happy to be a occasional runner and helper
  • OllyW says: I'm in. Would be happy to help as time allows.
  • Jigs says: Would be occasional runner/helper of the occasional type, occasionally.
  • ndellar says: My home town, would deffo run / help if I was up visiting my folks
  • HellsBells says: happy to help, not sure i'm up to running
  • stu8 says: another help/run when i can type :-)
  • Lyra OK says: Vaguely involved in this. :)
  • mxhornet says: I'd be an occasional runner and possibly a helper once in a while.
  • Erc says: I could probably make it occasionally, if it's in Milton it's perfect for me:-)
  • Cazaroo says: Great event :o)
  • april_runner says: Am yet (as Jul 2010) to do this but it sounds like a fantastic idea.
  • katpelly says: Whilst there was only dancing on tv i read the thread and was entertained.The conception and birth of the MCP parkrun is now truly a great success. Thankyou ..
  • widymins says: did my first parkrun last weekend. Really enjoyed it and hope to do more - and perhaps help out too
  • Winded says: I'm new to fetch today (4/1/11) but already run parkruns & have helped a few times.
  • Makka says: Happy to be a 20 minute pacer if required?
Group admin: Lyra OK

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