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Like it says, for Tattooed Fetchies. For tattoo fetishes, look elsewhere on the internet (it'll be out there somewhere!)
Just a group for us with artistic skins. Some are meaningful, some are fun. Some are mistakes! But we, the tattooed people know they are cool ;-)
What have you got, and is it visible in running gear?

Notes from Members

  • philbo72 says: one - a mallish fly on my hip. not visible when running. would like more but with the swimming training I probably won't be getting any soon!
  • Running on the Spot says: Feel a bit underdressed as I only have the one. It is serpent and eagle on my upper right arm - but it is about 33 yrs old and not too faded. Seriously considering a 100% increase, getting one on my left arm.
  • Uffish says: Got a half sleeve tribal on my right arm - shoulder to just above elbow. On the left, got three-quarter sleeve Japanese dragon with waves over my forearm, skull on bicep, small tribal on shoulder. More planned! My missus loves them. Just added a couple of pics to my gallery.
  • koplegend1963 says: 2 for me - both football - one of Liverpool FC club badge on my upper left arm; the other my local football club Crusaders on my upper right arm. Deffo getting more at some stage....
  • CottamRunner says: 3 for me!
    My own design between shoulder blades just below neckline (looks a bit tribal with a dagger-ish in the middle), then 4 black filled squares (each one smaller than the last) going down the inside of my left forearm - and finally a scorpion-based design at the top of my right arm / on my right shoulder.

    Love them.
  • Gooner says: I've got 7 so far, 2 japanese, 2 symbols, 1 latin and 2 tribal (1 of which is nearly a full back piece) with another tribal on the way when I can afford it! I am well and truly addicted :) but am trying to keep them to places that are reasonably out of sight. Pictures of all are in my gallery.
  • stu8 says: 3 for me 2 tribal dragons on each shoulder and 3 Chinese letters on lower spine
  • 154 Rob says: Mine are kinda historical, i've copied and altered celtic, pictish, ancient british designs from history books and visited Mr.Tattooist several 10 now. Also got a grim reaper and some art nouveau (Glasgow Style). I'd like to get more ....sometime.
  • Holburnmum says: I have 4 ! 2 Celtic style and 3 chinese lol. Planning another one on my calf I think. One of mine is visible most of the time,most of the others can be seen if I wear a vest. lol
  • Girlie says: I have 2- a memorial one of a dragonfly on my upper right arm and a lotus flower across my shoulders. Dragonfly can be seen if I wear a vest, Lotus isn't so visible
  • Mad Woman Running says: I have three : a celtic cross on lower back, black panther on left shoulder/back and tribal dragon across right foot - want one on or around hip area but still not sure what.
  • Sarcy says: I have 9, 5 of them sort of link up to form one big one from my right shoulder down across my back. The last time I had one done was June so I am due another soon.
    I like the idea of a sleeve or partial sleeve but the Mrs isn't so keen on that.
  • jamesy1981 says: 7 tattoos. Want more.
  • dred says: I had my first one in 2005 at the age of 41, after liverpool won the champions league ( my wife actually talked me into it ! ) Since then i have caught the bug & had a further six including a full back piece that took a painful 15 hrs.
  • Warton Runner says: Hi all, well currently I have 25 Tattoes covering arms, back & chest, started when I was 16 while serving in the army, and just kept getting them every copule of months or so
  • Detal says: I have 3, small tiger on my thigh, purple rose at base of spine and a large lily on shoulder this was done as a cover up and I now want to join the rose and lily with more flowers
  • superflyguy says: I have a big symbol on my back vitruvian man by Da vinci
  • payless says: Got quite a few (mis-spent youth?) and in a couple of weeks, on my 41st birthday I plan on getting the 'Evolution of Man' images tattoed across my lower back. Prefer the black and grey stuff over the coloured ones.
  • DPBadger says: Couple of tribal and an egyptian 'wounded eye of Horus' on my calf.
  • Tattooedrunner43 says: Mine are a story I guess, all different parts of life so far. arms nearly sleeved, on legs chest and back. Everything from tribal, bio mechanical, portrait of wife and as a pin up on leg, some script lots of Angels and demons,,, crosses, skulls, dragons, flames, dice, snakes!! lots of free hand work!! Don't regret any of them consider myself a work in progress!! oh forgot about road runner on my leg!!
  • Papa G says: I have three. A dolphin, a pair of elephant heads and a bananaman
  • kennyT says: I have 13 and still want more...
  • Kynon says: One celtic (chest), one "tribal"-style (calf - so generally visible when running), one kirituhi (maori-style) - (shoulder/upper arm). No brightly coloured ink for me - I like to keep it pretty much monochrome.
  • SusiSue28 says: Currently have 8 - all mostly hidden away on neck, both shoulders, full back and each ankle. About to get my 9th which will be the biggest design yet and will be on my thigh - pretty much hip to knee :)
  • Naffito says: Hello! 5 for me. Heart on right shoulder. Heart/tribal on lower back, star on left hit, blue flower on stomach and my most recent is a beautiful rib down to hip piece, roses :
  • Sweatytrainers says: Black and grey half sleeve octopus. A few tentacles poke out if i wear a short sleeve running shirt.
  • socks up to says: I have 2 - one a celtic style Bee on my left foot and the other is the Eyes of Buddha on small of back. Bee can be seen if i take my shoes off, and the other sometimes if i bend over! :-)
  • brooksy says: initials l.o.v.e symbolising my family lee(myself) oscar(son)vikki (wife) and evie (daughter). on right shoulder. my wife thought this was a great idea. wanting more but undecied where/what
  • buttscratcher says: i have a picture of my brothers running shoes with his final race time underneath in his memory on my right sholder
  • mrsdistraction says: I have a celtic style cat on my ankle, two tribal tramp stamps on my lower back, a dragon on my left hip, a welsh dragon on my upper back, a big silly heart on my thigh, three wise owls on my upper arm and a cute cat on my other ankle. In my running gear you can see the cats and the owls, the welsh dragon sometimes, and in certain thinner capris, you can see the heart.
  • Dickie York says: 4 Tats so far, spread across nearly 20 years. Celtic dragon (1st) right upper arm, Celtic band (2nd) left upper arm, Thai dragon (3rd) right calf and last Spanish Flag Iron Man MDot after finishing Ironman Lanzarote. Would like another at least but have an expensive wife and race entries to pay ;-)
  • Garfield says: I've got a sword with a rose entwined around it on one leg and a small lizard skeleton on my left ankle. I'd love to get another tattoo or two sometime...only need to figure out what to get and where to put it!
  • BarefootEm says: I have an Ankh on my neck, a superstition thing! An Alice in Wonderland piece on my right shoulder blade (not often visible). Another Alice text on my right arm, both done to celebrate my weight loss in 2011/12 when I first started running. A pagan Goddess symbol on my left wrist ,🌒🌕🌘 And 2 snowflakes on my left forearm to remember my lost babies, 2003 and 2017 💔❄️
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