Notes from Members

  • Triplet Dad says: I'm in :-)
  • -caz- says: Why have I just entered this event - I said no more after 10 which I closed out in Berlin 09.
  • hssghj says: What's this then
  • Ted says: Entered the Actual Race, now just need to train for the party :)
  • JammyLu says: We will need a party at the end! It will be fab - champagne all round!! :)
  • swerver says: I'm in, going up Sat till Tues and Hotel booked !
  • McNewbie says: Same place is fine by me; central location suits most, and whatever is okay for you to organise - thanks hun :)
  • Johnny Blaze says: Fat man weighs in!
  • pinkladykat says: i hope i make the party this year
  • martin run says: enter this for christies in manchester with vlm and the k marthon to i must be made
  • HappyG(rrr) says: Hope the mara doesn't take too much out of me - pogo-ing at the after party last time needed serious energy! :-)G
  • josieT says: just realised it's on a sunday (!) so will probably have to head home instead but have fun!!!
  • TnoP says: Looking forward so much to this. Do we pay in advance?
  • kevhoop says: Feckkk DRRiiiink
  • Dave A says: Santas fetchpoint bitch :)
  • Stumpy says: only doing the half, but hopefully will earn my party place by cheering you all on at fetchpoint too!!
  • Wriggling Snake says: Only just noticed this, I might well pop along :-)
  • SpeedyK says: Drinks after a race ? Great idea ! see you there
  • IanS says: Better late than never...
  • Bez-head says: Party on dude
  • SteveS says: I am runnig this, should be good
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