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For runners and supporters, the night before the Edinburgh Marathon. If you join the group, please let me know if you'll be on your own, or +1 ( or + more than 1).


Notes from Members

  • IanS says: Somehow I appear to have entered the full thing this year instead of just the relay but I/we will still come along :-)
  • Running Beer says: Me and not built for speed would like to come too.
  • McNewbie says: I'm in, one place needed, thanks :)
  • Ribenaface (RFSQL) says: Great! But what HOD said.
  • Dave A says: Just me:)
  • auburnette says: About 7 would be good for me cos my train only gets into Haymarket at 6.30. I'll be on my own.
  • Johnny Blaze says: Chips n Gravy pls
  • Wriggling Snake says: I'm meeting family saturday lunchtime, but might well fit some more carbs in at a push :-), one place only.
  • SpeedyK says: Deal me in for one please
  • HappyG(rrr) says: Doh, only just joining on May 11. Stoopido! :-)G
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