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  • oceanspirit says: Alpha course done. It really helped. Now going to start a regualr home group with the same church and group from Alpha. :) :)
  • chunky says: Practising Catholic, so not sure if I'd be counted as Christian by all. Not sure I really make the grade in a lot of ways, but I rely on the open invitation to failures that is inherent in the set up, and keep clinging on by my fingernails.
  • paskha says: I have to join up - though my faith is VERY weak indeed - I know I still have one ... strangely it was exactly 20 years ago in Nov '87 that it all started ... I don't get to church at the moment but have quite a few contacts / friends who do ... I listen to GMS (Radio 2, 7-9am) and my running partner is a buddhist, I've recently been reading the Dalai Lama's The Good Heart, exploring the Heart of Christianity (the Beatitudes) and of Humanity
  • Big Al Widepants says: Been a Christian since December 14th 1982. I should be better at it by now.
  • Tiggia says: I'm all out of sandals & beards, but I do try to bother God on a daily basis.
  • Seratonin says: Been bothering God since 1985. I am on the happy clappy side of the fence too.
    My pearl of wisdom is that I am glad that God loves me unconditionally. It is a good job too as he should have given up on me long ago. That's why I call him Father rather than anything else.
  • tulip says: finally came off the fence I've been sitting on since my teens! Now that I've made my decision to respond to my calling, it's forward at full speed! Interesting times ahead.
  • milemonster says: Been a Christian since the age of 11. I am now 28 years old. I think races should be on Saturdays a bit more because I have to miss church too often. It's a good job my church has evening meetings. I also sometimes feel a bit guilty about running so much. Maybe I should spend more time praying and reading the Bible. Hopefully my addiction to running may be helping the kingdom somehow.
  • GregP says: Somewhere in the mainstream of Anglo-Cathlolic Anglicanism, you'll find me torn between my two *home* churches (St Giles Mountnessing and Chelmsford Cathedral), neither of which are particularly near my home.
  • ding_dong says: I've been a Christian for about 15+ years, well before I was into running. I wish there were more Saturday and weekday races but I need the encouragement of meeting with His people regularly more than I need to race. And my Christian running tip: memorise some Bible verses to reflect on whilst running - the miles will fly by :-)
  • MadWelshWoman says: Been a Christian since Uni..blessed to have some Christian running friends!
  • makkem says: Been a Christian since 1980. Attend Christ Church, Clifton in Bristol "assist" with Climbers (ages 5-7). Have worked as a volunteer steward at New Wine since 1984 (until 1983 I helped with Capatain's Crew & Groundbreakers) and volunteered at Spring Harvest (Skegness) in 1984 & Minehead in 1985. Also a member of the Christian Rambling Club.
  • Evangel says: I've been a Christian since I was 16, and I've always worked with village churches and chapels. Our youngest son is training for Pastoral Ministry, and the other 2 offspring are involved in their churches. I don't run on Sundays so it is sometimes difficult to find events to run in - I managed the Dublin Marathon in 1995, as it is on a Bank Holiday Monday.
  • martynjlane says: I'm a practising Catholic and I find it very helpful to pray while running. I find running is extremely therapeutic and this puts me in a good place to talk to God and thank him for all the wonderful things in my life, including the running of course!
  • Doobs says: I love Jesus much more than exercise! I LOVE my sandals but fortunately don't have the beard ;)
  • Biastai says: Hi all,

    Been a church minister since 1992, became a christian in '86. Beofre that is not a story for the feint hearted LOL! I think I have this christianity thing all back to front. I find that God bothers me :-) Lost count of the times he pulled me up, Definately the charismatic side of christianity for me, like the interaction.

    Any nuns around, bet they're a bit thin on the ground, though more than happy to be proved wrong. :-)
  • SarahWoo says: My faith has strengthened over the last few years and I'm now part of a strong, active village church community. I've still got a long way to go to be a really good Christian but I keep trying. I don't go to church every Sunday but attend a home Bible study group every week, which I love. I also sing with the church's worship group - we have keyboard, guitars, flute, sax and sometimes drums too and we have great fun whilst worshipping in music and song.
  • Duck Girl says: Quaker. This tends to get me in all sorts of trouble...
  • Melksham runner says: My faith is a bit stronger now. Have moved to Milton Keynes and share my Sundays between New Life Church and Milton Keynes Christian Centre. Been a Christian since 1988 and it's been up and down all along. I do love God and know He loves me. I do worry that I spend much more time running and obsessing about running than bothering Him
  • RFJ says: ran down the staps at QPR - Mission to London in 84..... followed that up with 24 years in the Army (not easy) now a civi.... RFJ - Run For Jesus.... I think God bothers me more than I do him sometimes..... report says must do better....
  • Sombrero says: El Sombrero checking in. :-)
  • lifeboatjohn says: no beard or sandles (do Birkenstocks count?) but am definitely weird.
  • Tattooedrunner43 says: Good to find christian runners to share faith and running. Having to depend on God more and more in all aspects of my life and loving it. Jesus freed me of many addictions and now uses me to help others.
  • poppyH says: With a secret history as a bellringer, and occasional forays into anglican churches I became Christian whilst a student. Now attending Baptist church in our village and freq apologising for running on Sundays.
  • cybarev says: I'm a Pastor on the run.... literally. Not running away, just running for fun.
    Big frustration that most races happen on a Sunday so I can only run when I'm on me hols!
  • Surrey Phil says: Always a believer but only made firm commitment when I was 21. I usually run about 7-8 Sunday races (particularly marathons) a year which means that my day of rest is sometimes a Monday!
  • AstraKhanGentry says: Not only do I regularly bother the poor chap, I spend plenty of my Sunday mornings talking to other botherers about bothering styles and how to do better bothering.
  • Squares says: Cradle catholic, via student baptist church to where I am now... Anglican exploring a call to ordination and a wee bit scared they'll say yes.
  • Resher says: Been a Christian since age 10, strayed a bit in my early 20's, baptised in 1997 (aged 28) and love my church family including my wonderful wife and 4 children. I try to spend time talking with God on my longer runs with mixed success as I'm easily distracted. Looking forward to New Wine 2014 :-)
  • Eynsham Red says: I don't think that God is bothered by us bothering Him. I think he'd rather we did than we didn't.
  • Suzi Q says: Mind you, I kinda get the feeling that God quite likes me bothering him! After all, I am his daughter now ;)
  • RevBarbaraG says: From an agnostic/atheist family, became a Christian when at university, travelled from an independent evangelical church via the C of E to the Methodist Church. I'm now a Methodist Minister, as is Mr RevBarbaraG. Oh, and I run a bit.
  • ColinH49 says: Retired cleric. Running (but not away from anything now I’m retired!)
  • Markymarkmark says: At last, justification for Christian running. Thanks all. Thinking about starting a church running group now....
  • Spiggot says: Christian all my life but re-committed properly to a church 10 years ago.
  • Raemond says: Life long botherer, originally Methodist but these days I've fallen in with a slightly charismatic Anglican congregation here in NL.
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