Group: Scottish Xmas party 2009

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no dates or venue as yet... just add your name for now....

Notes from Members

  • Ribenaface (RFSQL) says: Oh aye.
  • katypie says: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
  • Magbag says: Party time :)
  • HappyG(rrr) says: yaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!
  • Llamadance says: beeeeeeeeeeeeer!
  • Debstir says: Shift worker here so might be a no-goer but hey, add me anyhoo :-)
  • libby says: Yep, definitely, partay!
  • -caz- says: Yeah sounds like a plan but I'm offshore between 2nd-16th Dec
  • halfpint says: If I've recovered from the LNM afterparty in time :)
  • Lintie says: Party? Where?
  • kevhoop says: been dragged along lol
Group admin: santababy
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