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  • Spally says: I'm a secret santa virgin so please be gentle. Thanks M4P
  • Tiggia says: I loved this last year! :)
  • TRUCKER says: Great! Please dont send anything rude as i open me pressies with the boy and explainations can always be trickie!!:)
    thanks M4P !
  • Steady Edina says: If you buy me something rude can you at least make it practical. I like Mumford & Sons, anything cuddly, anything running related. Big fan of chick lit.......that should surely be enough
  • WA says: this should be interesting! Nothing too rude please :-)
  • Making_Tracks says: I love Christmas and spreading a bit of Christmas cheer
  • roz says: Oooh pressies. I'm easily pleased. :-)
  • jennyh says: Fab idea, count me in :-D
  • Limpet says: I love mystery gifts :-)
  • Johnny Blaze says: Can I have a bike pls. Failing that I insist upon something rude and inappropriate. :-p
  • Chicken Licken says: Hurrah how I heart christmas....Vin diesel with or without the bow....not fussy me ;-)
  • Mutant Calfs says: chocolate again would be great!!! Hell you can send me anything you like baby ;)
  • katypie says: I've been a very good girl santa
  • Debstir says: I'd like feet that I don't keep tripping over, 'specially just before marathons cos my knees won't take much more.... ;-)
  • CC2 Speedy Goth says: Yay! I promise to put some handy hints in my blog once the names are given out. No need to be scared of having to buy for the GOTH :)
  • Toks says: i love this part of xmas, exchanging gift :-) thanks for the organisation, m4p :-)
  • Orchidgirlfr says: loved all my last years mini gifts, kind fetchie x
  • Princess Purple Bubbles says: yay!I loved this last year but guys I open my pressie at my parents please nothing rude!PLEASE DONT GET ME MILK CHOCOLATE IT BRINGS ME OUT IN A RASH/MAKES ME WHEEZE!
  • Smileygirlie says: Errmmmm sorry but now I've got my GFA can someone just surprise me please ;)
  • Snapstinget says: Only something that would be appropriate for Mrs S too ;-)
  • LeGreg - hes back and he wants reve says: Yay! I love this! The more inappropriate present the better!
  • pinkladykat says: you can send me anything hubby is away for xmas so please help me throw the day with out crying so send me anything a 405 would be nice lol pink lady kat
  • monsenb1 says: Sounds fun...and good tidings to all...
  • geordiegirl says: Yeah for Xmas.... and Secret Fetch Santas..... thanks M4P xx
  • mrs shanksi says: Thanks m4p. I'm sure shanksi won't mind if I get a rude pressie ;-)
  • Gasping 4 breath says: Nothing offensively rude , if you don't mind. - the whole family might be watching!
  • AlanR says: Rude is allowed ;)
  • -caz- says: Rude? cause problems? not here, fire anything at me cause my wings are like a shield of steel :)
  • Rebel says: Anything atall. I love suprises.:)
  • fungel says: anything really
  • Clueless says: Hello - I would love to be in on this please - but don't send me anything rude baby pleeeeeeeeaaaaaase ;)
  • Argie says: pictures of cats would not be appreciated - something running/cycling orientated would be nice/acceptable
  • McNewbie says: Would normally not mind rude (hmm, depends how rude!) but spending Christmas with extended family, so best not, eh ;) - thanks for organising this, Purps :)
  • bjworld says: something 'indulgent' please :)
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