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Sunday Nov 8th, starting 1100am.
Reaching out to any Fetchies who fancy the idea of an Edinburgh City Centre run, following the route of the Bupa Gt Edinburgh 10k. Run can be as competitive or gentle as preferred, using a group handicap system with stopwatch timing. Unlike Bupa races, this one`s for free...and I would boldly predict that the timing system would be more accurate than this year`s Bupa one :-)
Hopefully Mr Ellem will be doing photos and Mrs Rentboy timekeeping. Food afterwards?
Route instructions available to download at:

Notes from Members

  • sahorsb says: Might be optimistic but think I'll put 43 mins down as a predicted time: cool beans!
  • Ribenaface (RFSQL) says: Oooooh I'm so out of the loop. Belatedly up for this.
  • Rents says: Just getting back from injury so a time of 47-48 mins will be in order i think :)
  • SpicedApple says: Link to thread:
    Jambomo, Shyfire and I are planning to amble around in ca. 1h10.
  • HappyG(rrr) says: Great plan spicedapple and mr scott! 49 min estimated time (or running with the largest group, with the most chit-chat pls!) BTW, did you organdiser types not heed my suggestion that we could use the "Estimated Time" prediction in the Race Details page?! Pah! I don't know. Some folk! :-)G
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